Creative Corporate Gift ideas


Creative Corporate Gift ideas

Creative Corporate Gift Ideas, South Africa- A corporate gift or branded marketing item not only serves as a promotional tool for your brand, but also acts as a way of strengthening customer and client relations within the business structure.

Corporate gifting offers a unique opportunity for businesses to think outside the box, giving out an item that has been customised to the look and feel of the brand, while still presenting clients and customers with a fun item that they can use daily. This is creative corporate gifting at its finest.

A creative gift that can be used in a whole heap of ways, the USB Credit Card Flash Drive is a customisable USB flash drive that can have full colour prints on both sides.

A brilliant opportunity for a funky, eye-catching and creative promotional item, this awesome flash drive can be used as a modern business card, or even just as a promotional giveaway item perfect for banks or financial institutions. A great USB, available in a range of capacities, this handy USB fits right in your wallet, ensuring that your important data is always right by your side.

Another creative corporate gift idea that brings a bit of fun to the corporate world, the branded Cube Stressball is a clever and innovative way of gifting clients and staff members. A brilliant idea for giveaways, this allows for a six sided colour print that can be perfectly customised to your corporate needs. A clever item that will not be forgotten, this is a marketing tool that will stick in the minds of many. A great item for launches or campaigns, this is something that will get people talking about your brand and its marketing approach.

A fairly small gift option that is entirely useful, the Adhesive Silicone Phone Wallet is a card and note pocket that sticks right onto the back of your phone. A wonderfully convenient item during the working day, this allows you to keep business cards and notes close at hand.

An effective marketing item that displays the brand to the world every time the phone is picked up, this is a clever and unique way of marketing your modern brand. A creative corporate gift idea that is sure to be remembered, this is a great item for events or giveaways, being both cost-effective as well as an innovative marketing tool.

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