Creative Corporate Gifts for Load Shedding


Creative Corporate Gifts for Load Shedding

Creative Corporate Gifts for Load Shedding - Having a fresh, innovative marketing strategy is the key to keeping your brand at the forefront of your client's minds. This means constantly having to come up with new, trendy and modern ideas to wow your clients.

One very effective marketing strategy is handing out promotional products or corporate gifts branded with your company logo. This is especially effective if the gift received is something new and unique!

At Brand Innovation, we always try to give you the latest and greatest promotional products to give to your clients. Lately, with all the load shedding and power outages being experienced in South Africa, any items that feature a light or power theme have been VERY popular.

That is why we have put together some creative load shedding gift ideas for you;

  • Rechargeable Lamps
  • LED Light Switch - BRAND NEW
  • 10 000 mAh Power Bank
  • Solar Chargers

These items are ideal for keeping you charged and light up during a black out.

Rechargeable Lamps

These are very high quality, rechargeable lamps that are invaluable during load shedding but can also be used as camping lanterns or just as a handy extra light. Our lamp is available in a single unit or in sets of two and can be branded with your logo. Each light has a range of specs you can go read here and they are SABS approved. 

LED Light Switch

This items is a very exciting little gadget that is brand new in South Africa! It is an awesome portable light switch powered by 6 bright LED lights. The light is designed to look like a classic wall switch and is portable so you can stick it wherever you need. Our stock is scheduled to arrive at the end of July. 

10 000 mAh Power Bank

This is a mobile charger that you can take with you wherever you go to charge any electronic gadgets. In case you did not know, 10 000mAh means that this little device is quite powerful and can charge your phone to capacity a more than once and even charge an iPad or tablet device. Most smaller capacity chargers can only charge a phone once before needing to be recharged. This power bank will last you much longer. And just in case you need it, it also has a handy dandy LED light. 

Solar Charger

This tech gadget makes the list for being both super cool and very useful! Not only can you use this device to charge your phone during a power outage, but you can do it using only the power of the SUN. Take that Eskom! We don't need your electricity to keep our phones charged.
A solar charger is a great eco friendly product that makes a very cool gift to give to clients.

Email us now for a quote on any of these great items.

We also have a range of other handy products that you can use give as promotional gifts for load shedding, such as head lamps, solar keyrings, torch gift sets and more. Contact us for more great gift ideas.



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