Creative Office Gifts South Africa

Creative Office Gifts South Africa- A clever side of marketing, creative gifts should be items used on a daily basis. Colourful and fresh, these offer unique approaches to branding that can set your name apart.

A few creative gift ideas for your office:

Fusion Paper Clips Item Code: GIFT-9920
  • Available in eight awesome colours
  • Trendy jar for your desk top
  • Full colour branding on the lid area or the side of the jar

Puzzle Paper Clips Item Code: GIFT-9915
  • Funky puzzle shaped boxes
  • Eight vibrant colour options
  • Mix and match colours to differentiate between departments

Jigsaw Binder Clips Item Code: GIFT-9910
  • Great for a desk set, these can be linked like a puzzle
  • Available in eight exciting colours
  • Very useful for keeping documents together

Brighten up your work space with these awesome office promotional gifts!

A fantastic selection of items, these make for colourful desk top items. Branded stationary that is used every day, these make your clips easily accessible while working.

In a wide range of colours, these can be subtle branded on the packaging to give you a useful staff gifting item.

8 Vibrant colours to choose from

  • Blue
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Great for keeping documents ordered and together, these cost-effective creative gifts are perfect for the office. Whether as a promotional gift or a general staff item, these are effective marketing tools that are seen constantly.

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