Credit Card USBs

Credit Card USBs South Africa-

A clever and creative corporate gift, the cost-effective Credit Card USB is a compact flash drive option that fits perfectly in your wallet for pure convenience.
A wonderful way to promote your company in a modern and eye-catching way, this USB is perfect as a giveaway item or even a clever business card.

Card USB

3 Reasons why this is a brilliant custom gift:
  • Stunning full-colour print
  • Available in any size- standard 4GB
  • Compact, fits perfectly in your wallet

A fantastic item for a custom gift that comes in use every day around the office, giving out a USB as a cost-effective gift not only lets you give out information, but lets your brand become part of the client’s daily life.
Also a clever way to do a business card, the full-colour print and wide faces means it can fit your information as well as a funky and eye-catching design.

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