Custom Shape USB Drive


Custom Shape USB Drive

Custom shape USB drive - Looking for a completely customisable promotional product? A unique promotional flash drive? Add another dimension (literally!) to your branded USBs. Design your own USB drive shape for a bold branding choice! Let your customers store their data with this fun and novel USB product. We’re not just talking regular surface branding! This amazing silicon item can be produced in whichever bespoke shape you’d like. Even its specs are customisable!

It’s available in either 2D or 3D options

Can be molded into any shape and colour

Available in 2GB to 32GB storage sizes

There’s nothing like a quirky gadget to get customers chatting about your brand. This is a product that’s guaranteed to be totally unique, making sure your brand stands out.

Promotional Flash Drives

Promotional flash drives - this handy item predicts the needs of your clients, adding value to their lives. A promotional flash drive is useful to everyone - it’s where your teenager stores his mixtapes and where your boss keeps his presentations. The guaranteed usefulness of USBs means that customers are sure to hang onto your product no matter who they are, increasing the brand exposure of your company.

As the world moves towards a computer-based mode of operating, data storage becomes increasingly relevant. Demonstrate your company’s dynamism and tech savvy ethos with a trendy promotional products choice.

Novelty USB Drive

Novelty USB drive - the real strength of this product isn’t just that customers will use it, it’s that they’ll really engage with it. This is an unorthodox take on a branded USB drive. It’s a standard office item that brings a welcome element of light hearted fun into the workplace.The rainbow of colour options available and the very physical quality of your novelty USB drive means it’s a really memorable item. Keep your brand top of mind on a daily basis with this totally unique item.

Design Your Own Flash Drive

Design your own flash drive for the ultimate bespoke promotional item! Brand Innovation is a proud supplier of custom shape USB drives. You can find a ton more USB options on our Memory Sticks page. Give us a call on 0861 111 954 or email us and one of our account executives will be happy to help you design your own flash drive!



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