Eco Friendly Bags


Eco Friendly Bags

Eco friendly bags are a popular effective way to advertise your company. Branded eco bags are a great, environmentally friendly alternative to the plain plastic bags used when shopping. 

Our eco friendly bags are all made of recycled or renewable materials. These shoppers can be used over and over again and can even be recycled again.

Why use eco friendly bags?

  • Reusable
  • Recycleable
  • Clients love them
  • Large branding area

We have a range of eco friendly bags available in different styles, materials and sizes. When you think of an eco bag, you might think of a hessian or jute bag. These are the classic, rough material bags available in natural colours. Our popular Greenvale Shopper is an example of these bags.

On these types of bags we generally only print in 1 or 2 colours, and because of the bag texture, fine detail doesn't always show clearly. 

Our other eco bags are made of non-woven material. These bags, such as the Friendly shopper and the Expo shopper, are also eco friendly and can be recycled and reused. The non-woven bags are a more cost-effective option and are great as giveaways at conferences and events.

A benefit of using the non-woven bags, as opposed to the eco jute and hessian bags, is the branding. These bags have a large branding area and because the material is not as rough as the other bags, we can print more colours and more detailed designs.

Which ever eco friendly bags you prefer, they are all fantastic for promoting your company and supporting sustainable living. Show your clients that you care about the environment and go green with these promotional bags.

View our Eco Friendly Gifts category for more great gift ideas, or email us to order your bags now.



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