Ecofriendly Gifts


Ecofriendly Gifts

Ecofriendly gifts benefit the consumer, the community and the environment. Whether it is being done by following a trend or in the true spirit of conservation. Pollution is decreased and a sustainable environment is being created.

Brand Innovation has a wide range of ecofriendly gifts.

Today our recommendation is the Eco Mouse and Mousepad Set (Dorma TECH-4061).

Features of this Ecofriendly Gifts Set:

  • Optical mouse controller made from recyclable bamboo
  • Mousepad made from recyclable bamboo
  • Mouse Controller Dimensions – 49mm (L) X 80mm (W) X 13mm (H)
  • Mousepad Dimensions – 210mm (L) X 150mm (W) X 8mm (H)
  • USB Plug 2.0

To order your ecofriendly gifts contact us by clicking the following link –
Brand Innovation delivers anywhere in South Africa, right to your door.

Branding available for your Mouse and Mousepad:


  • Engraving is recommended. It looks fantastic.
  • The mouse can also be branded with a dome sticker.


  • Engraving is possible.
  • Keep in mind that branding area is limited.
  • Too much engraving can cause the mouse sensor to not function as it should.

Why ecofriendly products?

A lot of products and methods make use of and contain certain harmful materials.
These methods and products may potentially lead to serious health difficulties like cancer.

Therefore it is important to recognize eco-friendly products and ways and to start using them.
Like this, every person, business owner or marketing director can help conserve our planet’s resources and make it a safer and healthier place for us to live in.

It also provides us with a more sustainable environment. Sustaining the environment, conserving resources and recycling and reusing what we can, can help save our planet not only for us, but for our predecessors too.

By branding and using ecofriendly promotional items, you not only help the environment you also help build your company into a sustainable business. This way you not only gift a promotional item or corporate gift.

You also show your clients, suppliers and other recipients that you care about the planet. So you care about them.



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