Custom Corporate Embroidery


Custom Corporate Embroidery

Embroidery is not just your gran’s favourite pastime - it is increasingly becoming the branding choice for corporate clothes and promotional products!

Originally embroidery was a handcraft of decorating fabrics using a needle to apply thread. While this is still a hobby for many, in the modern day machines stitch computerised designs into material. This allows the process to be scalable while retaining the the beautiful, personalised qualities of hand embroidery.

But it’s a practise with a long history! It’s one of the oldest and most widespread crafts of modern humans - with works dated back to the 5th Century BC. In medieval times embroidered silks denoted status and wealth. But embroidery was also a folk art as it uses materials accessible to everyone. So it’s a practise that has always been universal!

And it’s making a comeback in pop culture: the rise of “sassy embroidery” is evident in the large online communities of stitchers. With many Instagram accounts and Pinterest pages dedicated to fun and quirky embroidery artists, the craft is everywhere from cute wall hangings to embroidered workwear.

Embroidered Workwear

Embroidered workwear is a popular branding choice for team uniforms and office attire. It’s a classic branding format, adding depth and and texture to your logo. Embroidered workwear is very customisable in terms of colour and design - logos can be replicated in up to 9 different colours and is effective on flat and irregular surfaces.

So your embroidered workwear can include embroidered golf shirts, custom embroidered hats, t shirt embroidery, embroidered bags and other custom embroidery.

Embroidered workwear is a great way to have a branded, uniformed team clothing without that corporate feel.  

Take a look at our corporate clothing page, for our full range of workwear and office attire.

Embroidery Cape Town

Brand Innovation supplies embroidery Cape Town. In fact, we offer branding services on all the products we supply - with delivery anywhere in South Africa.

Embroidery Cape Town is a wonderful way to brand and customise promotional products - without the corporate impression. The professional, beautiful detailing of embroidery Cape Town creates the perception of a higher value product. This is the perfect branding method to impress clients and customers.

Take a look at our corporate gifts page for our full range of promotional items and corporate gifts. Please contact us via email or call 0861 111 954 to chat to one of our account executives about the branding options available on your chosen products.



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