Emergency Lights for Load Shedding


Emergency Lights for Load Shedding

Emergency Lights for Load Shedding - How often have you experienced load shedding in the past year? Worst of all is when it strikes unexpectedly and you have no time to prepare the candles and get everything ready for the dark.

Well we have a great product to make sure you always have some light to shine on the subject: our awesome rechargeable emergency lights.

This is a compact, ultra bright LED lantern that is ideal for use during power outages or as a camping light. 

This Rechargeable Light Has Two Functions:

4 LED Flash Light Function
in which only the top 4 lights are on. This is ideal for if you need targeted or limited lighting and is also great for when you want to preserve battery power. The Flash Light Function has a runtime of 100 hours.

24 LED Lantern Function in which the top 4 as well as the bottom 20 lights are on. This is for when you need to light up a larger area. This is perfect for use in the house to illuminate a room when the power is out. The Lantern Function has a runtime of 50 hours.

These are high quality and trusted emergency lights that are SABS approved.
Giving your clients such a great and functional item as a corporate gift will definitely be something that they appreciate for years to come.

Features of our Rechargeable Lights:

  • Built-in discharge protection circuit
  • Built-in overcharge protection circuit
  • The LED Life is 10,000 working hours
  • Registered silver reflector 200% brighter surround light distribution
  • 220V AC Charger
  • 12V Cigarette Lighter Adaptor
Be prepared for the next round of load shedding in your area by ordering these fantastic lights. We can brand these lanterns with your company logo.




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