End of year Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas


End of year Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas

End of year corporate christmas gift ideas for your corporate gifting needs!

If you are looking for creative end of year Christmas gifts for staff and clients, we can certainly assist you.

We have a host of unique end of year gifts to suit every budget and style, from writing instruments to cooler bags to high technology items.

Brand Innovation is here to look after all your corporate gift needs. 

Ordering end of year gifts can be a streamlined and enjoyable process and not a chore.

Please give us your budget and what you have in mind and we will put together some lovely options for you.

Some great end of year gifts include the following;
  • A beautiful pen like a Montblanc, Cross Pen, Parker or Sheaffer Pen. These are brands that have stood the test of time and will always be appreciated.
  • A beach umbrella, cooler bag for the family, backpack or sports bag. These are useful gifts that will always be used by someone in the family.
  • A laptop bag or iPad cover or iPad stylus pen are also useful gifts
  • Branded first aid kits for the home or car are gifts that we will all keep. Every household or car should have a first aid kit for those emergencies or necessities.
  • Notebooks remain firm favorites because who doesn't use a notebook at such time? An A6 notebook, A4 or A6 notebook with your logo on it will be used and appreciated by a business person, housewife, teenager or schoolchild, so a notebook is perfect as a marketing product, promotional item or corporate gift.
  • Another corporate gift favorite is the car USB phone charger. When you are driving and have no cell phone battery, it is so awesome to just plug your phone into the charger and away you go. I use mine all the time and love it! The car charger has attachments for all major phones, including the Blackberry and iPhone.
  • The awesome solar phone charger which is perfect for summer holidays at the coast, just charge your solar panel in the sun and charge your phone or other item with a usb port.
  • We also have a large variety of picnic baskets which range in style and price to suit you. 
  • Our selection of memory sticks is sure to have a style that you will love. 
  • The styles of memory sticks range from credit card usb's with full color branding to swivel or key usb's, bling usb flash drives, the smart leather usb flash drive and many more styles and options. Most clients order the 4GB usb, but we also have usb's with bigger memory, please let us know what you require. 
  • Our 4GB usb stylus pens are top sellers and so useful, a usb, pen and stylus all in one. These are also presented in a lovely silver tin.
  • Golf shirts and t-shirts and caps are also always appreciated by the recipients and are perfect for showcasing your logo. We can brand the t-shirts as you like with a bold, beautiful print and the golf shirts with a classy tone on tone embroidery. The options are endless and we will discuss what outcome you are looking for and assist you.
So there are some end of year gift suggestions for you, we will be adding more on a daily basis, so please keep visiting South Africa's premier corporate gift website.

We look forward to assisting you with your orders.

Contact info@brandinnovation.co.za today to place your order! 

Or visit Promojozi if you require such products and more if you are based in Johannesburg.



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