End of year gift idea – the Carrol Boyes ice Bucket in Stainless Steel

Our end of year gift idea for today is the Carrol Boyes Ice Bucket. Code BAR-CBK0011

This stainless steel ice bucket measures 145 x 135 x 170mm. It can be given together with the ice bucket, but is not sold together.
The code for the stainless steel ice tongs is BAR-CBK0010. The dimensions of the ice tongs are 165 x  35 x 40mm.

If you are looking for an exclusive gift for the executive, then this is the perfect gift.
We can engrave this ice bucket so that the engraving is very subtle and classy or you can choose to not engrave at all.
We will then arrange a beautiful card for you to give with the ice bucket. The gift recipient will then remember you at home.

This gift is suitable for a man or woman and definitely for a VIP. So often at home when you are entertaining it is very nice to have a metal ice bucket and not leave a plastic ice tray out at the sink!
Most people like ice in their cool drinks or other drinks, especially on a hot summers day.
You can also take the lid off and chill your champagne or wine in this beautiful chiller.
The metal ice bucket is also an excellent gift for an office or house warming.
It can also be given as a long service award or as an African gift as Carrol Boyes is a South African brand.
Our Carrol Boyes selection is exclusive to the corporate market and is not sold to retail.

We look forward to assisting you with your Carrol Boyes stainless steel  ice buckets. 
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