End of Year Gifts for Clients


End of Year Gifts for Clients

End of Year Gifts for Clients - When considering end of year gift ideas for clients, it is always important to find an item that can portray your company in exactly the right light.

Something that not only represents your ethos but also the work and standard of work your produce. Whether big or small, functional or good looking, a branded corporate gift can go a long way to serve your marketing efforts as well as customer and client relations.

End of Year Gift Ideas for Clients: 

  • Bamboo Pen and Pencil Set
  • Notebook and Pen Gift Set with 8GB USB
  • 10000mAh Power Bank

The Unity Bamboo Pen and Pencil set is an Eco-friendly gift idea that clients will love, especially with the current Eco-movement in South Africa. An item, or group of items rather, that shows off the socially conscience part of your business structure, a gift like this is useful and stylish, giving you a promotional item that can be used on a day to day basis.

A constant and consistent reminder of your brand name, as well as the work it holds dear, this is a passive marketing item that exposes your brand every time your client works. With a pen and pencil in sleek, polished bamboo, as well as an ever elegant presentation box, also made from bamboo, this is an all-encompassing Eco-friendly gift that shows the true nature of your brand.

The Journal Gift Set with Pen and USB is another fantastic branded gift option for clients. A set with a note book, a pen and an 8GB USB flash drive, the Journal Gift Set is a sleek and stylish set option that is ideal for the corporate world.

With ample room for branding on the cover, pen, USB as well as the presentation box, this is the perfect way to market straight to the formal office world. A more serious gifting option, this is an item that shows the class and distinction of your brand, while giving out a set that has a daily use.

An ideal way to show off your brand in the best way, this is a useful gift that helps clients stay up to date in meeting and around the office. An everyday reminder of the work your brand does, the Journal Gift Set is a much loved branded promotional item.

The Powermax Power Bank 10 000mAh is a strong and sturdy portable charger power bank, and arguably one of the most popular corporate gifting options.

With two USB ports and a wonderfully handy 4-in1 charger cable, this power bank can recharge most mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets of all kinds- the perfect item to have on a business trip or even just around the office.

Whether charging your phone on the way to a meeting, or keeping your tablet running before a big meeting, a power bank as many applications throughout the business world, this is why it is a much appreciated branded gift for clients. With room for your corporate name and logo to be presented proudly, this is a gift that shows the tech-savvy side of your business and the fresh approach it takes to gifting.

Gifting your corporate clients is important for maintaining good relationships, contact Brand Innovation today for unique corporate gifts!

For these and other fantastic branded promotional products, or to find out more information, e-mail us at info@brandinnovation.co.za.



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