End of Year Gifts Ideas


End of Year Gifts Ideas

End of year gifts are always appreciated by whoever receives them.
Clients appreciate being thanked for their business, even if the end of year gift is something small and thoughtful.
Christmas gifts at the end of a bus year do not need to be huge or even expensive, but it certainly is the thought that counts.

It is traditional in almost every country at some stage of the business year to give something with your company logo on it to business associates.

Today our year end business gift idea for clients is a smart pen and pencil set. 

Parker IM Stainless Steel Pen and Pencil Set

  • Stainless Steel Barrel
  • Chrome Clip and Trim
  • Presented in a Premium Parker Pen box

The Parker IM Stainless Steel Chrome Trim pen and pencil set is always a winner.
This stunning ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil set is a great business gift that your clients or staff can use at the office. 

We engrave both the pen and pencil with your company logo or a personalized name. That way, whenever the pen or pencil is used your clients are reminded of you!
The set is also presented in a smart Parker Pen box.

So for a winning end of year gift, this pen set will be appreciated and kept forever.
We also often engrave the client’s name on the pen and pencil, which will really personalise the gift.

So let us know how we can assist you with your end of year gifts.



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