Fidget Spinners South Africa


Fidget Spinners South Africa

Fidget Spinners South Africa – Fidget Spinners are the gadget sensation that is sweeping the world. They’ve sparked controversy and fads all over the globe and have been described by Forbes Magazine as the ‘Must have office toy of 2017’. What’s for sure is that everyone wants them!

These little toys are in hot demand and they’re incredibly popular with children all over the world. And we’re here to supply that demand! Fidget Spinners are coming to South Africa in a big way and we at Brand Innovation are here to provide you with what you want! Our stock is landing in June and again in early July. You can pre-order from us today by sending us an email at

What is a fidget spinner?

Fidget spinners are toys that are supposed to focus your attention and make it much easier to concentrate on the task at hand. The mechanism of the toy is relatively simple but it keeps it going and it gives those wandering hands something to play with.

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How Fidget Spinners Work

Fidget Spinners are a small to, the standard design having three prongs, being built around a ball bearing. This means that you can spin the spokes of the device and they will spin around and around. This creates a pleasant sensation which is said to be very relaxing and calming. You can flick them around and around on your fingers and even do tricks with them, but we’ll get to that in a little bit.
These funky gadgets have exploded across the globe and across the market, with everyone wanting to get their hands on them. The can make for fun and engaging presents and are a wonderful promotional item. Even celebrities want to get their hands on them!

Katy Perry’s Instagram feed even feature’s the singer’s hand holding one of the spinners on a blue background, featuring the text, ‘Katie Perry ft Nicki Minaj - Fidget Spinna’. Whether this is a clue as to one of the To Be Announced tracks on her new album Witness, which is dropping in early June, we’re excited to see!

Fidget Spinners are also not quite as they started, they’ve gone from strength to strength since their inception, going from their original smooth design to something a little more edgy, and even getting LEDs attached to enhance the gaming experience. If you’re looking to use them recreationally rather than as stress relievers, you can even find instructional videos on YouTube on how to make your own crazy customs or how to do tricks with them, from basic to advanced levels. There are even neat tricks on how to stack your spinners! They’re one small gadget with a lot of potential.

Fidget Spinner Apps

With these toys absolutely everywhere, they have sparked a lot of related media, from the raging debate on their actual function to the tricks that you can do with them. You can even download apps on your phone to help you learn tricks and discover new ways to play with them, there are even apps on your phone that will simulate the sensation of holding a fidget spinner! Fidget Spinners really have rocketed into their position as the must have of the year and the world is eating them up!

The apps are available on both iOS and Android, and these apps go from being therapeutic in just imitating the gadgets to being actual games themselves, encouraging you to do a certain number of spins in order to complete the levels and do a number of different tricks.

These apps range from 2 two four stars and have a variety of different functions, allowing you to pick the app that best suits your style of game play and what you want from it. They range from competitive games to just spinning fidget spinners on your device screen. You can even get them in different shapes and colours, some are even neon and a few games even give you new spinners as you go from level to level.

Benefits of Fidget Spinners

Benefits of Fidget Spinners are widely contested but they are often advertised and sold as relaxation toys.
The motion of a fidget spinner is incredibly relaxing and the motion of it is said to help sooth anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorders like ADHD. They do this by providing mild simulation for the brain to focus on so that the user can focus their concentration on something without the constant need for extra external stimulus. This can help to quell nervous habits like foot tapping, nail biting and finger tapping. Stress can be a difficult thing to deal with in an office environment but this kind of device can provide just enough soothing stimuli to keep you calm and focused to get you through the day.
These same benefits have been described as being great for children and adults who have ADHD, anxiety and Autism.

Often these kinds of disorders can be made a little more manageable by having a comfort object or some method to keep them occupied. Many children have reported that it helps to keep their attention focused at school or calm their stress levels when they are facing something unpleasant. One girl cited going to the dentist as a specific occasion that the fidget spinner helped her through.

Fidget Spinner Controversy

As with any super popular gadget, there is a lot of controversy surrounding them. One of the main points being raised is that the fidget spinner has never actually been proven to help people cope with Autism and ADHD. They may help, and many individual reports claim that the toys are extremely beneficial, however experts in their fields are reluctant to recommend them as actual coping mechanisms.
The devices are being banned in classrooms all across the United States, cited as being distracting to students. Some parents protest this, saying that their children are reporting better attention spans in class when they use the spinners and saying that the children who use them as toys are the ones distracting the rest of their classmates.

It is difficult to tell who is who though, when fidget spinners don’t come with any kind of doctor’s recommendation.

Origins of the Fidget Spinner

The origins of the fidget spinner are murky at best, there seem to have been several people who have created different versions throughout the years, several of whom have filed for patents.
The earliest model seems to have been created by Catherine Hettinger, a chemical engineer who applied for a patent over twenty years ago in 1993. The patent lapsed in 2005, but not before it gained some traction at the invention fairs that she took it to in Florida.

Hettinger herself admits that there’s not a lot of similarity between her original design and the Spinners on the market today. Her original gadget was designed of soft plastic with a button in the centre to entertain her daughter who suffered from an autoimmune disorder that caused muscle weakness. Because this limited the amount of play she and her daughter could share she began making a peaceful toy that wouldn’t put too much strain on her while stimulating her. Thus was one of the original fidget spinners born. While Hettinger admits that there is no direct link between her own spinner and the modern take on it, she is happy to claim Wikipedia status as one of the potential inventors.

Another possible inventor is Scott McCoskery, who threw together a ball bearing device to keep himself from fidgeting too much in meetings. He’s partnered up with an associate and applied for a provisional patent in 2016.

The patent status of the Spinners that are on the market at the moment is unclear, as no one seems to be able to pin point their exact moment or origin of conception. This has led to many thrifty and innovative individuals making their own custom fidget spinners.

Fidget Spinners Promotional Items

Because their current status as the IT toy of 2017, Fidget Spinners make for fantastic promotional items. They’re fun, they’re simple, they’re cost effective. A toy like this is great for the office because it can help concentration. They’re also super popular at the moment, meaning that everyone is hankering to get their hands on them!

Fidget Spinners can be branded with domed sticker branding on the ball bearing at their centre. They also come in a wide variety of colours to match your brand. Fidget spinners are fun and if you’re aiming to give people a little bit of joy today then you can certainly do that with a fidget spinner toy!

At (Company name) we stock them in eleven funky colours and can also give you LED fidget spinners that light up and flash when they spin. These are the kinds of spinners that are making them so very popular as kids toys. But who says that adults don’t deserve to have some fun too! The fidget spinner is fun for all ages!  It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, or whether you have anxiety or not, the fidget spinner can have benefits for anyone. You can have fun with it or you can use it to calm yourself down, it’s all about how you view it.

Fidget Spinners as Mental Health Aids

One important thing that these gadgets are doing regardless of their patent status or whether or not they are recommended by a doctor, is that they are bringing children’s mental health to the conversational forefront without dismissing it. It’s being brought up as a possible solution and getting people talking about way to help children handle mental illnesses like anxiety and depression rather than dismissing the possibilities of a child having illnesses like this. These days we are able to catch the mental health symptoms earlier and earlier, which does make it look like more children are developing mental illnesses at younger ages. But it may very well be that this has always been the case and we as adults are only now developing the tools to understand and treat this

With the advances in medical science racing ahead every day, we are discovering more diseases earlier, and achieving a higher understanding of them. We are learning how to identify autism earlier on, and how to better diagnose it in women, because up until recently mental health professionals considered autism to be relatively uncommon in women. This is not actually the case, it’s simply a case of women exhibiting different autistic behaviours which up until recently went unstudied. Mental health is something that has come under the microscope very recently in human history. We have many things still to understand but we’ve come a long way and things are improving every day.

Modern theories speculate that early folk lore such as ‘changelings’ may have been caused by children displaying autistic markers and being grossly misunderstood by their communities. As little as fifty years ago mental illnesses like BPD and Schizotypal Personality Disorders, even something as common as post-partum depression, could have earned a one way ticket to the sanatorium. These days mental illnesses are much better understood and very often treatable through a variety of methods, who says that in a dew years the Fidget Spinner might not be one of them?

Fidget spinners are really in great they are opening up an avenue for people to have conversations about children’s mental health with a solution in mind.

Fidget Spinners South Africa

Like them or love them, Fidget Spinners are the big gadget right now and with so much going on around them, they look like they’re going to be staying here for a while. If you’re interested in ordering some of our fun, competitively priced Fidget Spinners then you can send us an email at and we will be happy to assist you in getting these awesome gadgets all ready with your brand!

We aim to delight our customers here at Brand Innovation and we are glad to be suppliers of Fidget Spinners South Africa.



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