Fun Office Gifts


Fun Office Gifts

Fun office gifts are a great way to brighten up your working environment and inspire your staff. You will be amazed at what a change you can make to your workspace by simply adding a splash of colour.

We have a range of bright and colourful items that are also functional to have at your desk. These promotional items can be branded with your company logo as well to inspire company loyalty.

Some of our fun office gifts include:

  • Gel Mousepads
  • Magnetic Memo Men
  • Highlighter Man
  • Thumbs Up Sticky Notes

Each of the items above are useful and creative items that your employees can use on a daily basis.

Magnetic Memo Men

Why use boring, plain paper clips when you could rather use these colourful, metal memo clips shaped like little men! This cool desk set consists of 8 metal memo clips, all in different colours, and a magnetic base to keep them all together.

This is often used as a marketing product to promote team work and inspire your staff to work together!

Highlighter Man and Keyboard Brush

This little guy is a great help when you are taking notes and sorting through paper work. The Highlighter man has 4 different colour highlighters, one in each of his limbs. He also has a retractable keyboard brush that is great for cleaning dust off of your computer. 

Spice up your company office with fun gifts that will cheer up the Monday blues and get your staff working hard!

Or make sure your logo is in sight on every office desk, inspiring everyone!

To order your promotional gifts for the office, please email us now or give us a call on 0861 111 954.
We supply the best promotional products in South Africa.



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