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If you are looking for the latest gadget gifts and tech items for your corporate gifts, the USB Stylus Pen might be just what you want.

This awesome 3-in-1 pen is a the perfect companion to any tech savy clients. It serves 3 functions, all of which are used on a daily basis by most.

This Pen's 3 Functions:

  • Ballpoint pen
  • Touch Screen Stylus
  • 4GB USB Flash Drive

The Pen

Whether your office is digital and you work on a computer, you will still use a good old pen and paper sometime during the day. This great ballpoint pen is great to have around when you need to write something; whether it be a groceries list or signing an important contract.

The Stylus

These days almost everyone has a touch screen smart phone or a tablet of some sorts. For all of these touch screen devices, the soft stylus at the end of the pen is ideal. Using a stylus prevents any smudges and fingerprints that appear when you use your hands. It is also soft and smooth, preventing any scratches. 

A stylus give greater precision and is easier to use for writing on a touch screen than using your fingers.


A memory stick is always useful for when you need to transfer files and documents from one computer to another. This 4GB USB flash drive is hidden in the middle of the pen, meaning you will have it wherever you take your pen!

These awesome USB Stylus Pens can be engraved with your company logo or a personalized name and are presented in a smart presentation tin. This is a great corporate gift idea that your clients are sure to love.

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