Gift Ideas for the Office


Gift Ideas for the Office

Are you looking for gift ideas for the office? 
We have a range of great desk gifts and promotional products for your offices.

A branded desk gift is a fantastic marketing product that is seen day in and day out. Whether you are giving these office gifts to your clients or to your own company staff, a branded desk gift will give you great brand exposure.

One of our unique and popular corporate gifts for the office is the Rainbow Magnetic Memo Men set:

Rainbow Magnetic Memo Men Amcam28307

  • Magnetic Base
  • 8 brightly colour memo clip men
  • Size: 9.5 x 7.5 x 5.0cm

This is a creative desk gift that brightens up any workspace. The Memo men set is also a great corporate gift for team work events.

Office gifts will always be popular, because they are such effective marketing tools. Here are some of the benefits of using desk gifts:

Using Office Gifts for Your Own Company

  • Motivational gifts for staff
  • Brighten up your office
  • Inspire company pride and loyalty

Giving Office Gifts to Your Clients

  • Constant reminder of your company
  • Keeps your contact details close at hand
  • Makes the client feel special to receive a gift

To order your promotional office gifts, please email us at We supply these great products and more for companies ranging from big corporations to small businesses.



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