Gifts for End of Year


Gifts for End of Year

Gifts for End of Year – the end of the year is fast approaching. It seems as though 2017 has whooshed past. It’s halfway through already and it was only February last week. Or that’s what it feels like. But seeing as the middle of the year is upon us, now is a good time to start thinking about the gifts that you’ll be giving people in December. End of Year Gifts are a really popular way to thank people for all the hard work and effort that they’ve made over the course of the year, or if it’s a gift for your client, it’s a way to thank them for the business that they’ve given you.

The end of the year can be a great time to look back on the things that have happened over the course of the last twelve months and think about all the things that you’re grateful for. Getting a present can really make someone’s day, and it can really make them feel special and appreciated. A gift is a really great way to thank someone, because it shows that you were thinking of them.

This is why corporate gifts are so important, and why people start their end of year shopping in July.

It’s nice to get your ducks in a row before the end of the year actually hits, and you have to rush around from store to store. When you have a lot of staff and you want to include everyone, buying gifts can be quite a process. And it can take a while too. This is why we suggest that you consider bulk buying your end of year gifts with us!

The queen of England buys gifts for her staff in bulk, after all, so it’s not an uncommon practise. It also makes things much more cost effective when you have a large staff to cater to (Buckingham Palace has an estimated staff of 800 people). Getting gifts for everyone, whether it’s your clients or your staff, can be done just by placing a bulk order with us.

Buying in bulk allows us to keep the price down so that you get the best value for your money when you buy with us. It also gives you the opportunity to give your gives an individual touch by branding them with your company logo. Branding your products like this makes for a really fantastic way to get a really beautiful end of year gift that is singular to your company.

Year end function gifts

  • Wine glasses
  • Power Banks
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Stylus Pens
  • Manicure Set
  • Bamboo Pens

End of the year functions can be really great opportunities to give out your gifts. They’re fun get-togethers that celebrate the past year and there’s generally a mood of celebration around them, making them the perfect opportunity to dispense presents!

An end of the year function can see you raising a toast to the old year in a beautifully branded wine glass. To the old year, and everything that the New Year is going to bring you! That’s a gift that works beautifully for a really celebratory occasion. The end of the year is a great time to celebrate all the hard work that has been done and a time to relax and recharge before forging on ahead to the year ahead!

Power banks and USBs are also really fun to give at the end of the year, they’re reminders to have some fun over the December break while also being practical and beautiful. We have a selection of power banks that brand beautifully! Ask us about our new range of full colour prints that we can do on our power banks!
We also have USBs that come in a beautiful selection of really awesome devices that can come with packaging, so that you get the best option. A USB can also be a more cost effective option, as you can choose the capacity of your flash drive, which can influence the price.

Corporate Year End gifts

  • Diaries
  • Calendars
  • Gift hampers
  • Executive desk stands

Gifts for corporate business partners and companies who you do a lot of work with can be a great way to network and encourage someone to do business with you again in future. These gifts are a really fantastic way to give someone a thoughtful gift while at the same time reminding them of your partnership or working relationship.

A diary, is a great gift. A diary is an excellent way to keep track of your day, and they are especially lovely given at the end of the year, like a prelude to continued partnership in the coming year. A diary is a really beautiful thing to have and we can brand a range of our diaries with prints, debossing or foiling, whichever you prefer. These make for really striking, classy books that are stunning gifts.

Gifting your corporate business partner a diary is a way to keep you in their minds every day when they look at it. It’s also a very thoughtful gift. Getting an individual diary can be an expensive experience, whereas buying them in bulk from us makes them more cost effective, and it gives you a ready supply of end of year gifts to strengthen your bond with your clients.

A gift hamper is a classic gift. A collection of gifts that have been thoughtfully picked out for you that can be branded with your logo to give you a really beautiful set of products that will put a smile on someone’s face! The really great thing about giving a hamper as a gift is that you can give someone many smaller gifts, so it feels like a bigger present! We also have a variety of hampers that range from beach items for those who like sun and sand, to ladies and gents bath time pamper packs that can encourage someone to relax and unwind during the holidays.

Our executive desk organiser makes for a really wonderful end of the year gift! It’s got a stunning leatherette finish and a memo pad so that you can start using it immediately! A desk organiser like this makes for a truly spectacular gift because it’s a brilliant accessory for any desk and it’s in a position where your client will see it every day, meaning that your brand is always on their minds, whether consciously or not. It’s also got storage drawers and place for a small tablet, or your letters, so it has a lot of space to be utilised.

Year end gifts for staff

  • Cooler bags
  • Beach bags
  • Fidget Spinners
  • Desk organisers
  • Stationery sets

Your staff are the cogs that keep the machine of your company running smoothly. A company is often more than one person can run on their own, and a little help is always appreciated. It’s a nice thing to do to thank your staff for all the hard work that they put into the company. People are more likely to work harder in future when they feel like the hard work that they put in before has been acknowledged. People like to know that the effort that they put in is appreciated. Working hard with no thanks isn’t always pleasant. A gift as a token of thanks can really cheer someone up and make them more inclined to keep up that hard work!

Cooler bags make for a really great end of year gift! They look fantastic with branding, and the end of the year in South Africa is often warm, the perfect time to picnic! When people are making camping trips and beach days, these are the times when you need to have a cooler bag handy! A cooler bag is a great accessory for any picnic and is the kind of product that everyone needs!

Beach bags are another great bag that makes for a really fantastic gift! These wonderful totes can be used wherever you’re going, be it the mall or the beach. They’re roomy and can be beautifully coloured, which is a really great way to complement your logo. Though it says for beaches a beach bag is another bag that can be very easily applied to other areas of the country, like a picnic in the bush, or a bag to take towels down to the pool or the river. The African summer can get very hot and a cooling dip is a really great way to regulate your body temperature and have fun at the same time.

A fun thing to give your staff would be one of this year’s hottest promotional items, adored by children and adults all across the globe: the fidget spinner. We also have fidget cubes if that’s more your speed. These awesome products are a really great gift! They’re the must have office toy of the year and we’ve been selling out of them as fast as we can get stock in. A fidget spinner or fidget cube is a really awesome way to keep fingers busy, and you may even find that you have a fun new toy to play with yourself!

A branded desk organiser ia really awesome way to make a desk look much neater, and is a really great thing to have in the office. We even have desk organisers that are combined with Stationery Sets, like the Fizz Stationery set, which comes in a range of colours with all the essential stationery items. And you can brand them! So that you get the best and most personalised office stationery around.

Year end gifts for clients

  • Kooshty Products
  • Volcano Technology
  • Laptop Bags

Your clients are the ones who keep giving your business, and rewarding those loyal customers is a really wonderful way to strengthen your working relationship. It’s a way of letting the client know that you value their support through the years. Studies show that when you give someone a promotional gift, or in this case a corporate year end gift, they’re more likely to feel appreciated. The same study says that people are three times as likely to be loyal to a brand that gives them a gift, and twice as likely to support them in future.

A gift is a powerful token of appreciation, and a pretty fantastic way to strengthen the relationship between you and your client. Giving someone a nice gift, with a personal note can go a long way towards furthering your working relationship. And it’s just a nice thing to do!

Kooshty Products are a really fantastic way to gift someone with something that’s stunningly beautiful, is made with gorgeous quality and is a really fantastic way to make someone smile. Kooshty South Africa has a range of beautiful products that has a strong focus on travel and drinkware. They have a range that includes the comfy travel set – the perfect way to rest on your flight or long distance journey!

Kooshty has a range of a different bottles and drinkware sets that can be branded, from their borosilicate glass travel mugs that have brightly coloured silicone sleeves and lids to their Kooshty Bottle, which has a neoprene sleeve that comes in bright colours. These awesome glasses look beautiful and are BPA free, which makes them a really stunning option for gifting! They also do coffee sets, which are the perfect gift for anyone who enjoys a strong cup of Java.

Volkano is an awesome range of technology that does everything from power banks to headphones and Bluetooth speakers, so there’s a lot of selection within this really awesome brand to make sure that you can give your client the gift that suits them best. The Volkano range of products also includes a really awesome multi media player that will turn your standard TV into a smart TV, allowing you to connect to the Wi-Fi and stream media from the comfort of your own living room. It’s a really beautiful gift to give someone, and is a great, high end gift for technophiles.

A genuine leather bag is a stunning gift, and this one is for the ladies. The Duchess Ladies Laptop bag makes a gorgeous gift. It’s a high end, faux leather in the stunning, warm brown shade that is so popular this year. This bag looks like a ladies handbag and it has subtle branding in the form of a metal tag that we can engrave for you. This bag looks fantastic!

We have a similar bag for those of you who feel like black is the new brown. The Vogue Ladies Laptop Bag, which is made from twill nylon and synthetic leather and stitched with a diamond pattern just like the Duchess. The Vogue bag also features a back panel to slide over the handle of a suitcase. Both of these lovely bags can hold a 15.6” laptop.

Unusual Corporate Gifts

Moptoppers are a really fun an funky corporate gift or promotional item! They’re very fun to play with and have many functions! The chief features of Moptoppers are their smiling faces and their microfiber hair, which can be used as a screen cleaner. Moptoppers are nothing if not multi-functional. We have Moptopper pens in a range that extends from Moptop doctors and breast cancer awareness pens to pens that are also styluses and highlighters. They also product a beautiful little notebook with space to include your Moptopper Pen.

Another really awesome thing that they produce is the Moptopper ear buds, screen cleaner and phone stand. This nifty gadget comes in the form of a little person with the signature smiley face. The hair on that head is the screen cleaner, which is made from microfiber yarn. The earbuds are stored in the clear tube of the body, and the feet act as a suction cup that you can attach to the phone and then use it as a stand! Having a gift like this at your disposal is an awesome way to thank someone in a fun, playful way with lots of smiles and bright colours.

One of the new products that Mopopper has introduced is a really nifty two in one stress ball that features the smiley face and microfiber hair so that you have a two-in-one stress ball and screen cleaner.

High end corporate gift ideas

  • Montblanc
  • Gary Player
  • Cross
  • Parker
  • Balmain

High end gifts are for those really special clients, those big investors. Or everybody if that’s what you want to do! Having a high end gift is a really awesome way to thank someone and to show how much you value them.  Of course that might not necessarily be the case, in Japan there is a strong tradition of gift giving in business, but it’s the act of giving and not necessarily what’s given that makes the impact.

On the other end of the scale you have China, where a brand name gift is considered to be a sign of good fortune in business and the more highly priced the gift and the more well known the brand, the better. Cultural differences can be a good thing to consider when gifting someone, especially if you’re intending on getting them an exclusive branded product.

Montblanc is one of our most popular exclusive brands. It’s a company with a long history of beautiful quality. Founded in 1906, as a small company that was selling mechanical pencils, the signature snowflake logo has come to grace a wide range of products from those world renowned pens to fragrances and cufflinks. We also have a range of beautiful Montblanc purses and wallets, so that you can have the best and most beautiful products for your gifts. These gifts are made from genuine leather and metals. Some of the cufflinks have stone accents and the pens are made out of their black precious resin. We’ll even engrave a plaque in the presentation box of these beautiful pens for you.

Gary Player is a great brand to use for your executive gifts because not only is it the line of a local ledgend Golfer, but they’re also beautifully high quality and locally made, so if you’re looking for a range of products for someone who golfs, then Gary Player has a range of bags, clothes and golfing accessories to make up the perfect gift for you.

Cross Pens make fantastic gifts. They produce ranges of pens for every occasion and they even have a really beautiful selection of pens for the new Star Wars movie, and for Marvel superheroes. Cross pens have also been a long time staple in the Whitehouse, with many presidents having used these beautiful pens. The contract with Cross was officially signed under Bill Clinton, but since then every President has used them. President Obama made a change from the classic Cross Townsend model to the Century II, a tradition that the current President has continued by ordering 150 Cross pens for his term in office.

Unique gifts for customers

We also have some great new and unique gifts for customers. These include technology gifts, French products and beautiful made in South Africa creative gifts. Please email us and ask us for ideas and we will send you some sure to be perfect options.

Order all of your awesome end of year gifts from Brand Innovation. Email us or give us a call on 0861 111 954



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