Gifts for Men

Gifts for Men - there are a great number of ways that you can show your appreciation for the men in the world for all that they do. It’s not always easy being a man, with all that is expected to him.
No matter the occasion, we have a wonderful selection of gifts in all shapes and sizes to suit all sorts of hobbies and interests. A gift for the men in your life is a great way to show how appreciative and grateful you are for all that he does for you.

Whether you’re interested in promotional products or high end executive gifting, a great way to show a man that you care is with a gift. Just to let him know how much he means to you and that you value his contribution to your life.

Promotional Gifts for Men

Promotional gifts for men can be used at events specifically geared towards men. A gentleman’s event is a great opportunity to expose your brand to its intended target market. Everyone likes to be reminded that they’re special. Men too! And a promotional product geared just towards men is a great way to let men know how special they are with a little present! After all, a freebie is a great way to make a man feel special.

Our wide selection of promotional gifts range from promotional products to novelty and they make wonderful branded gifts. We have a range of neat gadgets that are sure to entertain the most avid technophile man you know. A promotional gift is a great way to show a man that you are thinking about him.

Popular Gift Ideas for Guys include the following;

  • Hip Flasks
  • Knives
  • Braai Sets
  • Grooming Sets
  • Tie and Cufflinks
  • Multi Tools
  • Bottle Openers
  • Branded Caps
  • Power Bank Chargers

Hip flasks South Africa

Hip flasks make an especially great gift! They’re stunningly designed, often being small enough to fit into a pocket and are a great way to let a man carry your gift everywhere he goes, displaying your brand wherever he may go! A hip flask has many different applications, from the kind of flask that you can take with you when you’re camping so that you can have a store of water with you everywhere you go, to the kind that allows you to keep a nip of something in your pocket, which is nice for when it’s cold out. When you’re out for a walk in the wilderness, a hip flask can be a wonderful companion. Our metal hip flasks can be engraved with your brand, making them a stunning and elegant branded gift!

We have two very popular hip flask options:

  • Swiss Peak Hip Flask Gift Set
  • Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Knife Gifts for Men

Engraved knives are always a winner! There’s something really great about receiving a set of beautifully arranged and sharpened knives. They have so many wonderful applications, from cooking in the kitchen for those men who appreciate the art of a well prepared meal, to slicing that perfect steak that’s just settled after it’s come off the braai and the meat is so tender that the knife cuts through like butter.
Knife sets are a wonderful promotional gift, a set of steak knives are a great way to help your favourite carnivore enjoy his favourite meal.

The gift of a hunting knife is also a great gift! A beautifully branded knife can be a fantastic present for men. A knife is an incredibly versatile tool and can be used for a great many things from slicing fruit to being invaluable in fixing something. Innovative use of tools was how mankind became top of the food chain and it’s what allows us to use a butterfly knife to undo a screw.

Whether it’s a whole set or a single knife, there are many benefits to giving a knife as a gift.

Braai Set Gifts for Men

Braai Gift Sets for Men – When the sun shines and the air is right, men across South Africa will look at the sky and nod. It’s time to braai! The braai is such an integral part of South African culture that it only makes sense to give braai kits as gifts! A set of awesome braai tools is an awesome way to give a man the chance to show off his skills at the grill. A braai is a way of bringing people together. It’s a time honoured South African traditional and we’ve gone so far as to call our Heritage Day on September 23rd Braai Day. Because in that mild September weather when the sun is shining and it’s a public holiday, what can we do but braai?

A beautiful braai kit is a great way to help that celebration along. We have a selection of braai kits that range from aluminium to wooden handled. They come beautifully packed and can be branded for you.

Grooming Set Gifts for Men

Grooming Set Gifts for Men are yet another fantastic way to show the men out there that you care about them by giving them the tools to take care of themselves and keep themselves looking at their best. A well-groomed man turns heads wherever he goes and it makes for a beautifully neat present.
Grooming kits is an umbrella term for anything that falls under personal care.  From manicure kits to shaving sets and bath time pamper kits, a grooming kit is a great way to help the man in your life take care of himself.

A grooming kit can be something small and easy to carry around in his pocket, so it makes a wonderful promotional branded item.

Tool Sets

Tool Sets make for fantastic gifts. If there’s nothing men like more it’s the chance to tinker with something. Whether it’s a puzzle or a car engine, there’s an element of tinkering in us all. So to enable that tinkering habit and that natural curiosity that brought us so swiftly to the top of the food chain and to the state of technological progress that we’re currently at – and ready to springboard from up onto the next level – we have tool sets. Tool sets make fantastic gifts. Not only are they super handy around the house but they’re super portable so even it’s a gift that’s given to someone who already has tools, it’s a nice way for him to be able to put them into his car and take them wherever he needs them without having to unpack the 500 kinds of spanners that he has stashed in a toolbox in the garage.

A tool set is a nifty, portable way to be able to take your tools wherever it is that you need them no matter where you are.

Multi Tool for Men

Multi Tools are exceptional gifts for men. It has the same benefits as a tool kit in being something that they can use for everyday tinkering, but with the added bonus of being pocket sized so that it really can be taken just about everywhere that doesn’t have airport security. A multi tool comes with a wide range of features from bottle openers and knives to nut crackers and pliers. This really is a tool for all occasions and is pretty much the Swiss Army of pocket tools, just on a slightly larger scale. A multi tool lets you go about your day safe in the knowledge that you have a tool in case you need it.
Multi tools also make for beautiful branded products and are great for promotions! Because a multi tool is small and so very useful, they’re very popular and make for great items for giveaways. When you’re looking for a great promotional item for men then look no further than the Multi Tool for Men.

Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are great for men.  A branded bottle opener that you can attach to your keyring and use everywhere you go is an awesome gift and makes relaxing after a hard day’s work that much easier. A bottle opener is just one of those things that people always seem to need. Whether you’re popping a bottle of coke or listening to the click of an ice cold beer, a bottle opener is an amazing gift to have and it makes for a beautiful branded product.

We have a selection of keyring bottle openers in various sizes and shapes, in different colours that can all be used as keyrings and bottle openers so that you have the widest selection of beautiful promotional gifts for men. When you’re looking for a neat and nifty little gift that is endlessly practical and great for promotions, then we have Bottle Openers for Men.

Tech gadgets for Men

Tech Gadgets for Men are always super popular. You know what they say about boys and their toys! A tech gadget gift is a great idea for men. They’re fun and functional, and they make super great branded and promotional items, so if you’re looking for something that will really put you in the good graces of men, a tech gadget is the ultimate in gifting!

We have a wide selection of tech gadget gifts for men, from the novel to the really hard core.  Headphones make wonderful gifts because there’s nothing quite like rocking to your own tunes while you work. Your own music can help you be more productive and really gives that extra little bit of focus to your work. It helps if you’re listening to a pair of our stunning Swiss Cougar or Volkano headphones with their pounding base so that there’s nothing to distract you from your work. Just you and the sound.
Another great gift is a USB hub, or the Volkano 6 Port USB charger which is a great way to charge multiple devices at the same time and makes for a really great gift for the office. Volkano is an excellent brand full of beautiful, innovative products that will really knock your socks off! They’re great gifts for men.

Just as an example, our beautiful Volkano Obsidian Series Smart Media Player is a way to turn any TV into a smart TV that lets you stream media online from the comfort of your own living room. A smart media player is the ultimate way to have any media that you want whenerver you want it. Now that’s what I call Tech Gadgets for Men.

Power Banks

Power banks are another super awesome, technology themed gift for men. A power bank literally puts the power to charge your phone in the palm of your hand. They come in variety of different colours, sizes and capacities so that you can pick and choose the one that best suits you and your company. But they make amazing gifts for men. Off-roading and need the GPS but it’s dead? A power bank is a great way to give it enough juice that you can roam the wilderness a little longer and enjoy your freedom before returning to civilization.

With a branded power bank, you can use it as a promotional item or a corporate gift, it all depends on the styling and capacity of the power bank you intend to give, so really a power bank not only has many uses in terms of what it can charge, it’s also a very versatile branded product.

Beanies and Caps for men

Beanies and caps for men make for wonderful promotional items no matter the season. A cap is the perfect summer promotional item and they have a long history of being traditionally masculine items as baseball players.

A beanie is another great item, but this time for winter, so that you have a hat for each season. A beanie is a great way to keep warm in winter, and as it is often traditional for men to have shorter hair than women, a beanie is an awesome way to keep in a little extra heat. A hat is not only a cost effective promotional item, and not only does it look good, it also looks after the person you give it to, making it the perfect promotional item for Men.

Gifts for Men

Gifts for Men are the best way to show your appreciation. Whether it’s through a gadget, something to help them take care of themselves or even a sweet treat, a gesture of affection can go a long way with most men. That’s want makes gifts for men so important, and why we at Brand Innovation have such a great selection of stunning gift ideas for the important men.

Also looking for gift ideas for women? We have a great selection to offer. Contact us for more information or to place your order.

If you are from America, you would call corporate gifts SWAG. So if you are an American company, we can also help with your SWAG.
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