Heat Sensitive Mugs


Heat Sensitive Mugs

Heat sensitive mugs make great end of year corporate gifts for the CEO or secretary. These heat sensitive mugs are supplied in South Africa by Brand Innovation. We deliver customized mugs door-to-door! How cool is that?

What is a heat sensitive mug?

What is a heat sensitive mug? This is a mug that appears to be a plain colour, then as the mug heats up your personalized logo is exposed as water is poured. The mug also comes with a spoon that fits perfectly into the handle. This mug is perfect for any company looking to stand  out from the crowd. Colour changing mugs work really well for companies who are in the heating industry. We recently supplied these mugs for an underfloor heating company in New Zealand.

Is your company going through a re-branding phase? Why not use a colour changing mug to showcase your new brand logo. This is also a great way for launching a new product.

Why we love heat sensitive mugs?

  • FREE spoon
  • innovative
  • fun
  • branding looks great
  • cool bright colours

Colour changing mugs are loved by anyone and everyone. There uniqueness makes them a perfect choice for any company who wants to be stand out among the crowd and get noticed. Whenever people are given one they appreciate it and feel special.  

A mug can be used over and over again. Add your logo and contact details to increase visibility. The best part about this cool colour changing coffee mug is that it cannot be purchased in a shop. This makes it much more exclusive.

This cool item comes with a spoon. You no longer have to worry about looking for a teaspoon as yours will always be on hand. Not only do you have to use your mug for drinking a hot beverage, it can also be used as a bowl. Take your heat sensitive mug to the office and use it for soup, cereal, yoghurt and other foods.

Suitable for people of all ages as a cool end of year corporate gift to give to valued employees and clients. We offer a wide range of bright colours so choose a colour that best suits your branding needs.  A custom mug is fun way to create brand awareness and increase visibility for your brand.

Where to place an order

Orders can be placed on our website. Alternatively you can call us and speak to one of our helpful sales consultants.

Brand Innovation supplies, brands and delivers  your heat sensitive mugs nationwide. We can customise your colour changing mug with a cool printed logo.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!!

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