High End Corporate Gift Ideas


High End Corporate Gift Ideas

High End Corporate Gift Ideas – When you’re giving a gift to a very important business partner, thanking a high profile client or visiting a business partner in a different country for the first time, it can be a good idea to use a high end gift. The gift itself can be very symbolic. In Chinese culture luxury branded goods are seen as symbols of good fortune and success. This means that bringing a beautiful and prestigious branded present along with you can bode well for your business.
Luxury items are also a sign that you’re willing to invest in building this relationship. A present can go a long way to building a bond with someone, and a good working relationship can grow beautifully from that encounter.

Luxury Business Gifts

Luxury Gifts can be symbols of prosperity, not meaning that you are running a prosperous company but that the collaboration between your two businesses can be very prosperous too. When you’re giving someone a luxury gift, it pays to know a little bit about them, their hobbies and interests, so that you can gift them accordingly. The symbolism of the gift is only as strong as the meaning behind it and it can be a huge business faux pas to give someone an inappropriate gift. Just by way of example, we have a beautiful selection of leather gifts available, and they make absolutely stunning corporate presents. However the La Vie Boheme ladies wallet made of genuine Russian calf skin might not be the best gift to give to a business in an area with a large Hindu population.
Luxury business gifts are a great way to network with fellow businesses. A gift as a token of appreciation or goodwill can do a lot for the relationship between companies and it makes a wonderful way to begin a dialogue with a company.

Best Gifts for Executives

To quote Meg Cabot, “What do you get the woman who has everything? Soap on a Rope?” Which is a fair answer when you’re shopping for your grandmother. Not so much when you want to give a gift that makes an impression. An executive gift is something that has that extra special touch of class to it. That feeling of elegance and luxury that really makes it special. There’s also a great deal of thought that can go into an executive gift. It’s not always about the price tag, but about what that person’s interests are. Thoughtful, high quality presents can make the executive gifts.

Luxury branded corporate gifts

Branded Corporate Gifts make an even bigger splash. It’s all the stunning quality and prestige of a luxury gift but with the added oomph of your brand. This not only reminds the receiver of who gave them this stunning present (you), but also aligns your brand with that one, putting them on the same level so to speak. It makes a wonderful gift and a great way to encourage further business.
Here at Brand Innovation we have a stunning selection of beautiful, luxury gifts from high end brands that we can brand for you, giving you that extra edge when it comes to your business transactions.

Montblanc gifts

Montblanc Gifts are a great way to show your appreciation for someone, and to honour a business agreement. Montblanc is a very prestigious brand. Founded in 1906, Montblanc are known internationally for their high end writing instruments. When you’re truly looking for a gift that will impress, Montblanc is winner.  And they stock more than just pens. Montblanc has a range of cases, watches, fragrances, notebooks and cufflinks that are available as well.
Our bestselling Montblanc products are the Starwalker Midnight Black and the PIX pen.

Starwalker Midnight Black

The Starwalker midnight black is a beautifully designed pen with a barrel that is made of Montblanc’s signature, ultra-glossy precious resin. The ruthenium accented barrel is beautifully sleek and capped off with the distinctive Montblanc Snowflake logo suspended in clear resin. This is a very subtle way of branding the pen as it is only visible when viewing the pen directly from the top.

Montblanc PIX Ballpoint

The PIX has a lot of history behind it. When Montblanc was still just starting out, their focus was on innovative mechanical pencils, and they called them PIX. Montblanc kept this name when they made the leap from pencils to the classic pens that they are known for today, and to this day, the word PIX can be found beneath the clip of genuine Montblanc pens as a measure against counterfeit copies. PIX is a registered trademark with Montblanc.
The PIX pen itself has a design that was inspired by the Bauhaus artistic movement and the clean lines that it used. Both the barrel and the cap of this beautiful pen are made with that high gloss precious resin that Montblanc is so famous for. The gloss of Montblanc products, whether resin or leather, is legendary and is said not to fade over time regardless of polishing. The Pix also has stunning, platinum coated detailing on the barrel, making this historic pen a true beauty and a truly luxurious gift.

Leather Gifts

Leather products can be an excellent choice of high end gift. There is of course culture to consider when giving a gift like this, like whether the person receiving it would appreciate a leather gift. But if they will then leather is a beautiful gift to give! Leather is one of those materials that can last and last for years, generations even if it’s cared for well. For instance, our beautiful range of Gary Player Bags is made from genuine leather. Gary Player is a brand that promises quality without compromise. It produces beautiful apparel and bags that are equally lovely.
From notebooks to bags, purses and wallets, we have a stunning range of high quality Leather Corporate Gifts.

Boss Gift Ideas

Are you looking for something to really wow your employer? Let us help you find that perfect gift for the boss in your life. This year, your boss gave you a job, helped you to put a roof over your head and food on the table. In South Africa, the opportunity to work is one that we are grateful for. By working we’re doing more than just getting by. Every day that we work we’re helping to build this beautiful country of ours, we’re working together to make it stronger and better than it was yesterday. Your boss allows you that chance to help South Africa move towards a brighter future. You’re all part of a team, and showing appreciation to your team mates is a great way to build team spirit.

Christmas Business Gifts

These types of gifts vary from culture to culture across the world. Christmas, when it boils down to the core beliefs of the day, is about good will towards others and loving your fellows. It’s a great opportunity to show your appreciation for your business partners, your clients and your staff, no matter their religious denomination. A gift is a gift, especially when it comes from the heart. It can really mean a lot to someone that you thought of them when you were thinking about the things that you’re grateful for over the course of the year. A present is a wonderful way to do that, and it can thank someone for all their hard work and dedication over the course of the year. Giving a gift to your employees or clients at the end of the year is a great way to spread a little joy.

High End Corporate Gift Ideas

Corporate Gifting is something that a lot of companies do. It’s a great chance to build relationships between individuals as well as with businesses. A great way to make a good impression is with a high end corporate gift. A high end gift can be a very strong indication that you value your relationship with the receiver. It can be a way of indicating that you want the relationship to be even stronger and more positive going forward. Impressing someone can be as simple as picking one of our gorgeous top of the range gifts.

VIP Corporate Gifts

VIP Corporate Gifts are for those where you must really show a big thank you, or a big congratulations. Again, please let us know your minimum and maximum budget and if the gifts are for women or men. If you need branding and by when and where you need delivery.

Our aim is to help, to be your corporate gift supplier of choice and to really help you in the best possible way.



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