How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Gift


How to Choose the Perfect Corporate Gift

How to choose theperfect corporate gift South Africa- Choosing a corporate gift cansometimes be tricky. A well-branded, useful item is ideal as it allows for aconstantly seen marketing tool that will be used on a daily basis. Perfect formeaningful interaction with clients, staff and customers, this makes your branda part of their daily lives.

Things to keep inmind when choosing your corporate gifts:

1. Budget

Budget is a very important aspect of corporate gifting,making sure of how much you can spend for how many people. This often dictates,or is otherwise a clear indication of, the level of gift and the prominence ofthe recipient. Staff gifts tend to be cheaper but more in amount, and viceversa for executive gifts.

2. Number of units required

When ordering corporate gifts you need to know how manypeople are expected to receive one. For an office gift it will be less of abulk order, however for a giveaway item during promotions the amounts would bemuch, much bigger.

3. What the item will beused for

Always get an item that can fulfil a need to some extent. Isthe item for a promotional event? Or for an office staff gift? Will they use itoutdoors or at their desk? What the items will be used for makes all thedifference. Some items are rough and rugged, perfect for the outdoors andadventure, while others are luxurious and delicate, to be kept safely indoorsor on a desk.

4. Who is the targetmarket?

The target market is an important aspect as this giftingitem will represent your brand as a marketing tool. Getting a gifting item thatdoes not align with your target market will distance your brand from yourdesired image.

5. What branding isrequired?

Different items allow for different branding styles. This isimportant to consider as it changes the entire look and feel of yourpromotional items. A full-colour item can be ideal for a vibrant brand image,however an embroidered or foiled item is much better suited for theprofessional world.

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