How To Use A Powerbank


How To Use A Powerbank

Power Banks have become very popular over the last year and are a definite must have for everyone who uses their cellphones or tablets often. If you don't own one yet, you should consider investing in one soon, as having this battery backup device will change your life.

But how exactly does a Power Bank work?

We'll try to cover the basics of what you need to know about these awesome gadgets to help you.
A power bank is fundamentally a rechargeable battery device that can store power and is portable. This means that you can use these mobile chargers to charge your phone or tablet wherever you go. No need for a power outlet or plug!

Most Power Banks have;
  • A USB output port
  • A micro USB input port
  • and a charging cable
Before you can use your brand new power bank to charge your phone, you first need to charge the device.

How to charge a Power Bank

Along with your power bank you will have received a cable; either a micro USB to USB cable or a multi cable with more than 2 outputs. Below are examples of the cables.

charging cables

To charge your power bank you need to use the Micro USB input port on the device and plug your cable into that. The USB port on the cable then needs to be plugged into a power source such as a laptop, computer or a USB wall plug.

USB Input and Output

Most power banks have a light to indicate that it is charging.

Depending on the capacity and the input current of your power bank, charging times will differ, however it will take a few hours. Your power bank might have some kind of indicator to show when it is fully charged or the charging light might go off.

Charging the Power Bank

If you are not sure how long to charge your device, you can look at the information pamphlet or contact us.

The Zoom Power Banks show how much charge is in the device with 4 lights. Each light accounts for 25% of the full capacity.

How to charge your phone or tablet with a Power Bank

When charging your phone with the power bank charger you will need to use the USB output port on the device. Plug the USB on your cable into the power bank and then use the port that works with your phone.

Charging your Phone with a Power Bank

If you have a good power bank such as our Zoom Extreme or Superboost you should be able to charge your phone fully and still have power left in the bank.

For smaller capacity devices you will need to recharge your power bank after every use.

Now that you know how these fantastic gadgets work you have no reason not to own one!

Order your power banks now.

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