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Innovative Eco Products & Green Promotional Items - Looking for a unique green gift? Cool sustainable products for your next corporate gift? Maybe an environmentally friendly promotional item a little fresher than your standard recycled product? Luckily there are some really smart people out there, inventing novel eco friendly gadgets and new environmentally friendly products all the time!

Let’s take a look at some of the most current options for a more fun and fresh take on the eco friendly corporate gift and innovative eco product. These can all be found on our Eco Friendly Gifts page. 

Solartech & Solar Powered Gifts. 

Our solartech and solar powered gifts options are a great place to start looking for eco friendly gadgets. Not only are they unique green gifts, but they make for really useful and interesting corporate gifts.

Solar powered portable charger. A low battery on your device at an important business moment is a stressful situation noone should have to deal with anymore! This gift offers a solartech solution to this problem. The solar powered portable charger is the best power bank available, because it charges by being left out in the sun - it provides portable solar power. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in the center of Sandton or stranded in the rural Karoo. These solar powered gifts let you plug into a power source wherever, whenever using an eco-friendly renewable energy source: the sun! These are innovative eco products for a problem everyone has faced. We supply these solar powered portable chargers - go over to our Eco Friendly Gifts page to take a look.

Solar Torch Keyring: this on-hand torch never has to have its batteries replaced! Conveniently small, these keyrings are a wonderful solar powered gift - replenishing without you ever having to think about it. These are solar torch keyrings are understated, but quirky green promotional items

Desk plants
An actual plant has got to be the ultimate green corporate gift! Desk plants naturally purify the air, and produce the oxygen we need to survive. The presence of plants in the office has proven health and psychological benefits for employees - even making them more productive! 

Desk lemon trees: for a really exciting gift option, we are supplying desk lemon trees. These are designed to be nurtured on your desk until they’re ready to be replanted, where they will eventually bare fruit. So this is a gift that keeps on giving!

Hope in a Box: We also offer the Hope in a Box gift set. These boxes of cactus seedlings are a wonderful low maintenance plant for green promotional items.

Recycled bags: 

We’re learning more and more about how damaging plastic waste is to our environment. And plastic shopping bags are major culprit! Our bags aren’t just reusable, some are made from recycled materials.

Recycled billboard bags: Take a look at our heavy duty bags made from recycled billboards on our Eco Friendly Gifts page. They’re available in bookbag and shopping bag sizes, and are a totally unique recycled corporate gift! 

Recyclable jute bags: Recycled bags isn’t where the options end. We also have a range of beautiful jute shopping bags, gift bags and totes - and even a jute wine bag! This material is totally recyclable and biodegradable, making it a perfect eco friendly corporate gift.

Products made from bamboo: 

Products made from bamboo make a wonderful eco friendly corporate gift, as they often provide alternatives to plastic. The fast growing natural material is what makes organic bamboo items such innovative eco products.

Bamboo stationary: We offer a gorgeous set of polished bamboo pens and pencils, that are presented in a bamboo box. This is a stylish, useful corporate gift. The Unity Bamboo Pen and Pencil Set is available on our Eco Friendly Gifts page. Single Unity Bamboo pens are also available.

Amongst our collection of products made from bamboo is a bamboo notebook and pen set. The spiral bound notebook has recycled paper and a bamboo hardcover.

Bamboo USBs: the plastic memory stick has got to be the most ubiquitous workplace gadget around. They’re incredibly useful and tend to stick around, so they make a fantastic promotional item. But steering clear of plastic is of course the more eco-friendly option. Take a look at our Evergreen Memory Stick on our Eco Friendly Gifts page, a bamboo USB alternative.

Eco friendly corporate gifts South Africa

Eco friendly corporate gifts South Africa offer a huge amount of variety to choose from. Align your brand with the issues you care about, while impressing your clients with a beautiful eco friendly corporate gifts. Find all these products on our Eco Friendly Gifts page, or chat to one of our account executives about the options available. 

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