Kooshty South Africa


Kooshty South Africa

Kooshty South Africa – Kooshty is a brand that is as adorable as is sounds and so much more! More than being a really cute sounding brand, Kooshty is a range of high end, beautiful quality products that make for really wonderful executive gifts. These products are a great way to show how much you appreciate someone, and they have a truly impressive range of gifts that will have something for everyone!

Kooshty is a brand that values form as well as function, and giving people a beautiful gift that they can really use! Kooshty Branded Products are the kind of gifts that make people smile. There’s just something about getting a quality gift that looks as good as the Kooshty ones do that puts a smile on your face.

Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s very health conscious, or a coffee connoisseur the Kooshty has something for you! Not only that but their stunning range of elegantly designed products come in a range of colours that range from serious to fun and playful, so there really is something for everyone in their beautiful selection of corporate merchandise.

Travel Sets

Travel Sets are a big focus of the Kooshty brand. They know that there’s adventure out there and that those in the know are always seeking and striving to get to the next big thing. This is why Kooshty has a selection of products that allow you to enjoy all the benefits of their exclusive products on the go.
Travel sets are the kind of products that can really make your trip that much easier. Whether you’re on the go and they allow you to enjoy your favourite up of coffee on the go, whether you’re far away from home or even if you’re just commuting between work and home.

Kooshty also has a travel set that will make your travel experience a dream, literally. Let’s take a look at the awesome products that Kooshty has that are going to make your life a whole lot more comfortable.

Kooshty Comfy Travel Set

  • Eye mask
  • Travel Pillow
  • Brand-able polyester bag

Travel Sets can be a really useful addition to your travelling arsenal. When you’re on the go, sleep doesn’t always come easily. The motion of travel as well as the unfamiliar setting can make falling asleep a little tricky, especially when you’re travelling between time zones and that jet lag is threatening.

Using a plane trip is a great way to adjust to a different time zone but at the same time, it can e difficult when the sun is poking its blinding rays through the windows. This is where Kooshty comes to your rescue with a beautiful travel set. The have a curved pillow that comes with one side made of soft, striped stretch (say that three times fast!) and the other made out of a plush velour in a colour that matches the stripes. This pillow is full of microbeads and is incredibly comfortable, providing your neck with the support that it needs when you’re resting in a strange position, and allowing you the comfort that you need to relax.

Which is awesome, being comfortable is a huge help when you’re travelling, but that doesn’t do much for that pesky sun and the blinds only do so much. If you’re travelling by car or bus, there aren’t always even blinds or curtains for you to use and draping a towel out the window doesn’t always work.  So now what?

The solution is also packed in the Kooshty comfy travel set. An eye mask is a great travel companion. When you’re travelling the light can sometimes make it difficult to sleep, and so can the strange environment. An eye mask is a great way to help with that because when you’re in total darkness then your brain begins to produce the sleep chemical, melatonin. Do this is a sneaky yet really useful way to trick your brain into thinking that it’s naptime.

This beautiful set makes a fantastic gift for anyone who travels a lot, and could even a beautiful corporate gift for an airline or travel agents. Jet lag is seen as one of the few downsides to travelling long distance, and this amazing brand has given us some awesome tools to cope with it in the form of this stunning Corporate Travel Set.

Kooshty Coffee Set with Plunger

  • Plunger in Black or white
  • Kooshty Kup with silicone grip (One or two)

Coffee Sets are a great way to enjoy coffee at home on on the go and with these stunning sets, the coffee lover that you’re buying these for will certainly love you. We have a few options with this one.

We have the Kooshty Koffee single with one cup and a plunger that takes makes one perfect cup of coffee. And that comes in either black or white. These stunning products make for the most amazing coffee moments. The containers are made of durable borosilicate glass that is more resistant to heat than standard glass would be.

And the Kooshty Kups that come with these sets have a unique design at the bottom of the glass that channels any additives that suit your taste to the centre of the glass and help them dissolve so that you get the best cup of coffee possible, blended to your own tastes and through science.

A Kooshty Koffee set with a plunger can also be for two, so that you can enjoy your beautifully designed, wonderful cup of coffee with your favourite person. The perfect way to start the day.

Kooshty Bottle

The Kooshty Bottle is a great accessory for those on the go who really enjoy their water. When you want cool water and you want it in a 100% BPA free glass bottle with a metal lid and a neoprene cover that keeps your water cool, gives you a comfortable grip and comes in a range of awesome colours, then you’re a person of discerning and specific tastes and the Kooshty Bottle is for you.
The Kooshty bottle is a beautiful piece of design work. It’s smooth glass and beautifully comfortable grip make is an awesome bottle for on the go.

Kooshty South Africa

Products with the Kooshty name on them are designed to be high quality, and they are designed to be beautiful. They’re the kind of items that make life more enjoyable. The designs are sleek, elegant and functional. But they’re also fun and creative. There are splashes of colour throughout the range, a veritable rainbow of options for you to choose from.

When you’re looking for a gift that’s perfect for an active lifestyle, that’s sleek and classic with a fun modern twist, then you’re looking for Kooshty South Africa.

Kooshty Prices Online South Africa

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