Leather Notebooks


Leather Notebooks

Leather notebooks are a fantastic way to market your business. Having your company name or logo branded on these beautiful notebooks makes for an ideal corporate gift.

We supply genuine leather notebooks such as the K-LGIFT70. Alternatives to the leather notebooks are the stunning Baltimore Midi and Baltimore Maxi Notebooks. These notebooks are made with simulated leather. The features of the Baltimore Midi Notebook (NB-9415) and Maxi Notebook(NB-9414) are as follows:

  • Midi notebook size: 21.8 ( l ) x 14.5 ( w ) x 1.3 ( h )
  • Maxi notebook size: 27.3 ( l ) x 19.5 ( w ) x 1.3 ( h )
  • Material: Simulated leather
  • Each notebook has 104 lined pages
  • Ribbon book mark
  • These notebooks are available in black and brown

We would like to offer your company the opportunity to make a great investment by having your company name or logo branded on these gorgeous notebooks. There are various branding techniques that you can choose from, namely embossing, foiling, printing, and engraving.

Embossing your company logo on these notebooks looks beautiful and classy. Embossing involves pressing the logo into the cover.  This branding technique is the most popular and recommended form of branding. We have recently supplied a large, well-known company with their own stock of beautifully embossed notebooks. They are very happy with their wonderful products.

Foiling is similar to embossing, in that your company logo is pressed into the cover. Unlike standard embossing, however, an element of colour is added (generally silver or gold) for an eye-catching and chic finish. Screen printing involves printing your logo straight onto the cover. It is a high quality print that allows you to add colour in your branding. Engraving on these notebooks involves etching your company logo into the cover.

Your colleagues and clients will be delighted to receive a personalised notebook. Notebooks are very handy to have around. Whether it be for jotting down notes in a business meeting, or making a shopping list, everybody will get good use out of a notebook. Make these writing activities all the more rewarding and exciting through giving your clients and employees personalised, beautifully branded notebooks.

A notebook goes a long way, it offers long lasting branding and use over a long period of time. Ensuring that your brand stays in sight and in the minds of many.

To order your branded notebooks, please email us at info@brandinnovation.co.za. We aim to supply you with the best corporate gifts to add value to your marketing campaign. We deliver to your door, anywhere in South Africa. We look forward to being of assistance.



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