Leather Style USB Wristband


Leather Style USB Wristband

Leather USB Wristband - An item to be kept close at hand at all times, the perfect small item for the corporate world, the branded Leather USB Wristband is a small leather wristband with a USB on the end for quick and easy data storage.

A great item for staff members or promotional giveaways, these little items give you convenient data storage wherever you go.
An 8GB USB, with branding on the strap, this is a clever way to promote a brand through a thoughtful and useful gift with every day applications.
A great item to have at school or around the office, the leather USB wristband gives you a good looking corporate gift that will promote your brand with every use.
With allowance for one engraved logo along the band, this is a cost-effective, clever way to promote your brand widely, in a useful manner.

The perfect way to give staff a USB item that is hassle free and ready to go, this is a brilliant item around the office, making sure all your important documents are at an arms reach, literally. Whether in meetings at work or handing in projects in university, having a USB memory stick can always make daily life a little easier.

A perfect branded item for your promotional branding efforts, this is a gift that clients and customers will love.
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