New Branding Methods


New Branding Methods

We have unique new branding methods available to offer on a select few products. These methods are designed to help your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression.

Notebook Belly Bands:

On some of our notebooks we can now offer a full colour printed horizontal ‘belly bands’. These bands are similar to that of well-known notebook brands such as Moleskine, but completely customizable. The branding guidelines of the notebooks that can be branded with the belly band have already been updated with the information on the dimensions of each belly band for each notebook.

Because of the position of the band, we cannot have pens placed in the pen loop on these notebooks. The branding price list offers three prices based on an A4, 5 or 6 notebook, though each belly band within these three categories has a specific size.

Notebooks that can be branded with the belly band include the following;
  • Stanford A5 Notebook
  • Stanford A6 Notebook
  • Jotter A5 Notebook
  • Jotter A6 Notebook
  • Excelsior A5 Notebook
  • Renaissance A5 Notebook
  • Fourth Estate A4 Notebook
  • Fourth Estate A5 Notebook
  • Prominence A5 Notebook
  • Newport A5 Notebook
  • Colourblock A5 Notebook
  • And more…

Full Colour Print on Bags - Digital Direct Transfer:

We now offer an incredible new process that gives us the ability to brand full colour (digital print) on some of our bags. The digital direct transfer process involves printing the full colour artwork onto a special transfer paper and then transferring the artwork from the paper onto the bag using heat and pressure. This gives us a spectacular, eye catching result!

And the biggest benefit is to your budget!

Where a 6 colour screen print on a non-woven bag would mean an expensive individual print and six different setup costs, this NEW process will charge only 1 basic setup fee, no matter the number of colours.

This makes multi-colour prints on bags, not only, much more affordable, but also more effective. We will update our website to show which bags can be branded with this new method.

Digital Printing on Drinkware:

We have a new Digital Printing process that enables us to brand full colour prints on drinkware with a smooth surface and without handles. This is specifically designed for wrap prints on water bottles such as the Braxton Water Bottle. In the blog image you can see how a full colour logo really transforms a product into something unique.

Bottles that can be branded with this new method:

  • Braxton Water Bottle
  • Solano Water Bottle
  • Nautilis Water Bottle 700ml
  • Cabana Water Bottle 750ml
  • Avalon Water Bottle 750ml
  • Tropica Water Bottle
  • Hype Water Bottle 700ml

Laser Engraving on Clothing:

Very soon we will be able to offer a unique new clothing branding option; engraving! This new technique offers amazing possibilities that are not available with any other branding method. With engraving on clothing we can brand over zips and seams.

In our new Clothing Catalogue that has just been released you can find a full description of the new process and a list of the limitations and benefits of using engraving on clothes.

The result of laser etching on clothing is a subtle, tone-on-tone branding that looks very professional.
The laser engraving process removes the top dye layer of the fabric, leaving a slightly shaded colour variant underneath. Unfortunately, this does not show clearly on white, black or white garments, so we do not engrave those colours.

This method creates highly detailed Images and logos that cannot be branded with embroidery. And it also does not damage the integrity of waterproof material.

A few of our Clothing items that can be engraved;

  • Biz Sprint T Shirts
  • Biz Sprint Golf Shirts
  • Slazenger Apex T Shirt
  • Biz Razor Golf Shirt
  • Slazenger Victory Golf Shirts
  • Elevate Quinn Golf Shirts
  • Gary Player Wynn Golf Shirts
  • Cutter & Buck Genre Golf Shirts
  • Cromwell Softshell Jacket
  • Cromwell Softshell Bodywarmer
  • Elevate Jozani Hybrid Softshell Jackets
  • And much more

For the latest, innovative corporate branding always trust Brand Innovation. We are always striving to be the best at what we do.
You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions about the new branding processes –

We hope that you love the new offerings!



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