Notebook and Pen - A Delightful Double Duo


Notebook and Pen - A Delightful Double Duo

Notebooks and pens are great end of year gifts. If you are looking for a delightful corporate gift that is both impressive and functional, then you have certainly landed on the right spot. A notebook and pen set is exactly what you need!

Here at Brand Innovation we offer amazing notebook and pen sets that will suit any company and any client you are gifting. From elegant, luxury to simple yet striking notebook and pen sets – we have it all for you.

A notebook and pen set is a super useful corporate gift that everyone in the company will use. In an office or any other corporate environment, a notebook is used more often than not. The idea of having a pen at the ready for quickly jotting down notes will surely be a welcome thought to any corporate person!

That’s why we have put together a list of our top 3 favourite notebook and pen sets. They are all very different and unique, but we are confident that you will find a gorgeous notebook and pen set that suits your company and client!

For a more executive gift: The Balmain Appellate Gift Set

This is a high-end luxury notebook and pen gift set. Balmain is a French fashion house that is always associated with classic, timeless and luxurious designs. The same can definitely be said about their corporate gift range, and especially their Appellate gift set.

·  This gift set is absolutely gorgeous with an elegant design that is true to the Balmain style
·  It contains a stunning brass and chrome trimmed, classic ballpoint Balmain pen
·  The barrel of the pen is wrapped in beautiful, genuine leather
·  This gift set contains a lovely notepad which cover is made from simulated leather
·  Both the stunning pen and elegant notepad is presented in an exquisite, custom Balmain gift box

For an environmentally conscious, ‘green’ gift: The Bonaire Eco Notebook

Our Bonaire notebook and pen set is one of our best sellers. It is also an amazingly eco-friendly notebook and pen set. This set will be great for companies who love to promote the green initiative.

·  This set contains a lovely, spiral bound notebook
·  The notebook paper is made from 100% recycled paper
·  From the awesome recycled paper, the notebook features 80 lined pages
·  Our Bonaire Eco notebook set includes a stunning eco-logical, ballpoint pen
·  We can beautifully brand both the notebook and pen
·  So you can choose the colour that best suits your company, the notebook is available in these gorgeous colours: Red, orange, blue, black and green

For a simple, wonderfully designed and eye-catching notebook and pen set: The Plasma Notebook and Pen Set

This fantastic set has a simple yet striking design that will definitely be a hit with clients. The clean lines and simplicity of this notebook and pen set, makes this a perfect corporate gift for any company. It is also available in wonderful, vibrant colours.

·  Our Plasma set features a n A6 spiral bound notebook
·  The notebook has 80, lovely lined pages.
·  You can choose the accompanying pen, which is either a Plasma or Dome pen. The pen will be a matching colour to the notebook
·  The dimensions of the notebook are: 14.5cm x 13cm
·  Both the notebook and pen is available in these striking colours: Red, white, orange, purple, green, black and hot pink

As you can see, our notebook and pen sets are perfect corporate gifts for any company and client, and these are only our favourites!

We are confident that you will find exactly what you are looking for here at Brand Innovation.

Don’t hesitate, contact us today to order any of our lovely notebook and pen sets:



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