Polo Clothing South Africa


Polo Clothing South Africa

Polo Clothing South Africa - Brand Innovation is proud to be a supplier of the Polo South Africa range of products in South Africa.

Polo is a well known and highly regarded brand in South Africa, known for their high quality clothing, handbags and other accessories. Our brand new range of Polo products include;

  • Polo Shirts for men and women
  • Polo Double Mercerised Golf Shirts
  • Polo Blouses for women
  • Polo Lounge Shirts for men
  • Polo V-Neck Jersey

These clothing items are all high end, executive products that would make an excellent addition to your company uniform. Having your logo branded alongside the Polo pony logo is sure to show your clients that you believe value quality products.

We will also be adding some great Polo branded writing instruments to our product catalogue shortly. View our Polo South Africa brand page to see our range of products on offer.

We can embroider your company logo on these great clothing items.

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Did you know that there is a difference between Polo SA and Polo Ralph Lauren?

The Polo SA brand is easily recognizable thanks to the iconic pony logo, however it is often confused with the international Polo Ralph Lauren brand. The distinguishing feature is the direction in which the pony logo is pointing; Polo SA points right and Polo Ralph Lauren points left.

For more information on the origins of the South African brand you can read the brand history.



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