Power of Promotional Products


Power of Promotional Products

Why are promotional products so powerful? There are a range of marketing techniques available to businesses. What is it about promotional products and corporate swag that makes it such a successful method? Ideally, the end goal of marketing is to lead the customer down a path of purchase from your company - there are some key reasons promotional products do that most effectively.

The strength of promo products lies in their tangibility: customers hold the products, engage with them, use them in their daily lives. They’re a long-term form of marketing, that is integrated into the day to day of your customers. This factor has an extremely positive impact on 5 metrics of successful marketing: reach, recall, resonance, relativity and reaction.

Reach: according to the research of Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) 89% of consumers have been given at least one promo product in the last six months. This is a huge proportion of the consumer population!

Because promotional products are so cost effective, their effects are widespread. They can really scale up your brand exposure.  But it’s not enough for products to just reach customers, they should make an impact on the consumer. Promotional products are especially good at this.

Recall: the PPAI’s research tells us that promotional products are a really memorable form of marketing.

9 in 10 people will recall the branding

8 in 10 will recall the message

7 in 10 will recall the call to action

Resonance: we also know that power of promotional products is that they resonate with consumers. 82% of people had a more favourable impression of brands whose promotional products they received.

Relativity: relative to other forms of marketing, promotional products are rank the number one most effective channel to prompt action in customers. Where as other advertising forms work better for different generations, promotional products are the most powerful marketing channel across all generations.

Reaction: promotional products effectively prompt a reaction in customers.

80% of people researched the brand

83% were more likely to do business with the brand

81% held onto the promotional product for more than a year

The top 3 types of promo products that make people keep them are those that are:




The power of promotional products is in how effectively they lead a consumer down a path of purchase. Their impact in terms of reach, recall, resonance, relativity and reaction makes them an excellent advertising channel. It’s a high impact, cost effective marketing channel.

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