Printed Lighters


Printed Lighters

Printed lighters South Africa- A simple, cost-effective way to promote any brand through everyday items, a branded lighter is an ideal branded marketing item- especially for giveaways.

Our popular banded lighters:

  • Disposable Flint Lighter
  • BIC Slim Line Lighter
  • BIC Maxi Lighter

A cost-effective promotional item that is ideal for giveaways, a Disposable Flint Lighter is a simple yet efficient lighter option that comes in a range of colours. With your logo printed proudly on the front face, this is an everyday marketing item that is sure to be used regularly. Lighters are passed around constantly, making this an item that everyone will see. This is the best and easiest way to make your brand a daily feature in the life of clients and customers.

Another awesome lighter option, although higher quality and much more durable than the normal disposable flint lighter, the BIC Slim Line Lighter is a good-quality item in a choice of four colours- white, black, red and blue. With branding allowed in up to five colours, this is a great custom gift that can be made to perfectly suit your brand. A great item from the renowned BIC brand, this is a great way to market your brand through useful everyday items. An item sure to be passed around, this is ideal for ensuring maximum reach for your marketing efforts.

The BIC Maxi Lighter, the more expensive lighter option, is a durable and high-quality lighter option that is brilliant for corporate branding efforts. Available in a range of four colours to match the slim lighter option, it can hold a large print in up to five colours. A great way to show off your brand through functional marketing items, a branded lighter is an effective yet cost efficient way of spreading your brand name around town- especially when considering the younger generations.

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