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Printed T Shirts South Africa- A fantastic marketing item for branded staff clothing, a custom shirt is a clever marketing item that allows for a completely customisable and creative branded gift. With a wide range of 13 vibrant colours to choose from, and branding allowed in up to 10 spot colours, this is a great marketing item that can have any sort of branding or message you may want.

Our popular custom shirt options:

165g Printed T-Shirts

3 Reasons why this is an ideal t-shirt option:
  1. Offers highly visible branding space
  2. A high-quality, cost-effective marketing gift
  3. Can be made to perfectly suit your brand image

180g Printed T-Shirts

3 Reasons why this is a brilliant t-shirt option:
  1. A durable branded t shirt option
  2. Can have screen printing in up to 10 spot colours
  3. Can have branding on the front, back and both sleeves

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