Printed T Shirts: Tips for Creating a Custom T Shirt Design


Printed T Shirts: Tips for Creating a Custom T Shirt Design

Printed T-Shirts are a unique medium for marketing that is very popular amongst big corporates such as Coca-Cola. That is because it is a very direct and effective way to advertise your brand, and your clients will do the advertising for you!

The key to creating an effective promotional t-shirt is designing something that is creative and catchy that will make your clients WANT to wear their shirts.

Below are a few key tips for creating a great custom t shirt design:

1. Brainstorm a theme or message that you want to convey

Planning is an important part of every design concept. Throwing around ideas and testing different layouts is a great way to start. When you are planning your design keep the following in mind;

  • When and where do you want people to wear your shirts? Is it something casual for clients to wear on the streets or is this more for an event?
  • Anyone wearing these printed shirts will be introducing you to new customers. Make sure your shirt clearly conveys who your company is and what you do.
  • Try to make your design applicable to a large target audience; male and female, young and old

2. Simplicity is best

Sure, a complex graphic with lots of small details might look nice but often these little details fall by the way side. Having a simple, large and bold design is a much better way to catch your attention. Not to mention it will be much cheaper.

With t-shirt printing, the more colours you use, the more it will cost. So make your new motto: "Everything is easier with fewer colours." 

Often a simplified design with clean lines, less shading and more solid colours can be just as effective, if not more so, than a full colour print.

3. Use Humour or Pop Culture References

It is a great idea to use references or images that people all around the world will be able to recognize. Your custom design needs to connect with your audience, and make them want to wear your shirt.

Humour is also a great way to stir up some attention, but it is also a tight rope to walk, so be careful. Where funny joke might draw in your customers, bad jokes can push them away.

Keep in mind that you should use this only if it is applicable to your brand. Some more serious brand would probably not be able to work with a funny t shirt design.

In the end, your promotional t-shirt can simply be your company logo stamped on the chest of your shirt, but if you want your t-shirts to stand out in a crowd, get creative!

Design your own custom t shirts and send them to Brand Innovation to print for you*.

We supply great printed t shirts throughout South Africa.

Contact us now via email or give us a call on 0861 111 954

*All designs must be in a high resolution vector format to ensure that the print is clear and clean. 



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