Products Made from Bamboo


Products Made from Bamboo

Products made from bamboo - In the corporate world, a gift made from natural materials really adds the human touch needed to make your brand stand out. Bamboo offers an organic alternative to many plastic products - a subtly sophisticated one.

Besides being a beautiful and natural product, bamboo is actually an amazing material for many reasons. It’s lightweight, strong and has a multiplicity of uses.

This wonder plant is also famously one of the fastest growing plants in the world! Some species will grow 3 ruler lengths in the space of a day. Bamboo products take advantage of the natural grain of wood to give a textured product, with minimal design to make way for corporate branding.

Bamboo is used in the production of biofuel and is totally renewable. Needless to say, promotional products made from bamboo are a wonderful choice if you’re looking for eco friendly gifts - because they’re made from a sustainably produced and biodegradable material. Brand Innovation supplies many products made from bamboo. Please go over to our eco friendly gifts page to take a look at our full selection.

Eco-friendly gifts are the obvious corporate gift choice for NGOs and organisations in the environmental sector. But it’s also a great way for any brand to align with sustainable ideas, spread awareness and encourage eco-friendly habits. Here are some our bamboo products available:

Bamboo flash drives

Bamboo flash drives uniquely bridge the gap between technology and nature. USBs are incredibly useful to every working person on an everyday basis - an essential quality for a great corporate gift. They’re the perfect low cost item to distribute at conferences or trade shows.

With a keyring attached, bamboo flash drives are sure to get a great amount of use value and in turn bring you increased brand exposure. Our evergreen memory stick has a laser engraving option, a branding form that greatly increases the perceived value of your product.

Bamboo pens

Bamboo pens are a beautiful product in their own right. Appropriate as a sleek promotional item or corporate gift, they have a stylish polished finish. Our Unity Bamboo pens are also available in a pen and pencil set, presented in a natural bamboo gift box.

A bamboo pen is perfectly complemented by a bamboo notebook. We also offer a hardcover bamboo notebook with recycled paper, and bamboo pen.

Bamboo lanyard

A bamboo lanyard is an great eco-friendly spin on the standard lanyard. Lanyards are the staple corporate swag item for events and conferences. A bamboo lanyard maintains the great marketing qualities of lanyards, but in an environmentally friendly way. Our bamboo lanyards are made from bamboo fiber and are sustainably produced.

Bamboo homeware

Our bamboo homeware selection is pretty varied. We supply the

- Bamboo Shanghai Wine Set

- Bamboo Salad Bowl

- Bamboo Salad Servers

- Bamboo Salt and Pepper

- Bamboo Cheese Grater

Bamboo homeware makes a perfect eco friendly end of year gift, or promotional item.

Please contact us on 0861 111 954 or email us to chat to an account executive about the products made from bamboo that we supply.



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