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Promo umbrellas as marketing items are a great way to get your clients or target market to notice and remember your name, logo or message.

Gifting these branded umbrellas shows that you care about your employees, clients and potential clients, encouraging brand loyalty. 

Invest in great quality promotional umbrellas and do something about the weather while also promoting your brand.

Draw attention to your amazing promotional umbrellas by adding your logo. It might just be the exposure you are looking for.

About these Promo Umbrellas:

  • Minimum Order QTY: 50
  • Product Code: AMCAM45188
  • Branding: Printing


  • 170T Polyester
  • Telescopic Fold-away Umbrella
  • with Protective Cover
  • Colours: See Picture

For more information, queries or to place your order now, please contact us at the following link and we will assist you in this regard. We would love to help you in your marketing campaign.

Promo Umbrellas are versatile:

  • Umbrellas can be used on rainy days and sunny days.
  • They can be used to shelter from the wind.
  • They can look professional and sophisticated.
  • But they can also look colourful and fun.

Umbrellas are cost-effective:

  • Umbrellas are used constantly in the winter months.
  • They come in handy.
  • They can be branded.
  • Therefore they give you more bang for your buck.

Umbrellas expose your brand:

  • Our promotional umbrellas can be branded,
  • With your name, logo or message.
  • They are easily distributed.
  • When used by clients or customers you receive regular brand exposure.
  • Regular use keeps your brand at the top of your client’s and customer’s minds.

Umbrellas never go out of style. They are used constantly.
Unlike other promotional items like flyers, that lose their use quickly.
Umbrellas are more likely to change hands sometimes, projecting your brand to more people.
Brand Innovation is a branded umbrella supplier in South Africa.
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