Promoting Your Business with a Key USB


Promoting Your Business with a Key USB

Promoting your business with a key USB - A branded flash drive is a very effective marketing tool and a gift that clients will always appreciate. Sometimes a plain swivel USB just doesn't seem to suit your marketing campaign.

If you are looking for a flash drive that is a little bit different, that stands out in a crowd; the Key USB is what you need.

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This unique memory stick is shaped like a key and fits onto your keyring with the rest of your keys.
It makes it very easy for you to take your flash drive wherever you go and to keep from loosing it (unless you loose your keys as well.)

These handy flash drives provides you with a creative way to advertise your company, especially if you are in the motor or real estate agency.

Handing your clients a cool branded USB key along with the keys to their brand new car or house. They will definitely appreciate the extra gift as a thank you for their business.

However you don't have to limit yourself to those industries! With a fitting catch phrase or cool logo these flash drives can become a powerful marketing tool for any business.

"The Key to Success" or "The Key to Your Future" are great examples of great phrases to go along with your campaign.

We supply these USB flash drives with your branding, in South Africa.
To order Key USB drives, email us now or give us a call on 0861 111 954.

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