Promotional Bags for Advertising and Marketing Success

Promotional Bags are a great investment for companies, businesses or groups in Cape Town, Johannesburg or anywhere else in South Africa, if you want to promote or advertise a company, message or brand. Why is it a great investment? Because you receive great marketing return.

We see ads on the television and hear them on the radio and then? Then we forget them. A bag branded with a message, logo or slogan is a practical and functional marketing item – this means that a promotional bag is one of the best ways to inscribe an idea or company name in prospective clients’ heads.


  • Shopping Bags
  • Sport Bags
  • Laptop Bags
  • Drawstring Bags
  • Backpacks
  • And more…

We supply most types off bags, colours and sizes that can be printed with the names and logos. These bags are the solution to your marketing questions and will ensure that you will get your money’s worth from this purchase. We have taken the time to explore the different bag options available to you. Our trained and friendly staff will help assist you along the way. 


  • Long-Handle Shopping Bag ( Amcam62164 ) – Who would have thought that a simple tote bag could would have so much pizazz and promise? This eco-friendly promotional bag is one of our most versatile. It is made out of 100% cotton and is fully recyclable and reusable. Another great thing about this long-handle shopping bag is that the printing of logos, names and messages is optimal when it comes to designs and colours. Follow this link for more shoppers and totes. 

  • Cobalt Backpack ( BAG-3685 ) – The Cobalt Backpack is perfect for gifts as schools, universities and sporting environments. These bags are made of 600D material which means it is extremely durable. The back of the bag is double padded for extra comfort. It comes equipped with adjustable straps and a grab handle for easy transport. The Cobalt Backpack can be printed, but can also be embroidered.

  • Eco-Friendly Greenvale Bag ( BAG-3501 ) – This is another one of our sustainable living bags, but this bag is made out of Jute. The material of this shopping bag makes this bag textured and structured. Due to the texture of the jute, printing is limited to one colour only, giving this bag a great minimalistic look.

  • Kansas Sports Bag ( BAG-3047 ) - The Kansas Sports Bag speaks for itself.  These bags are made of 600D material which means it is extremely durable and easily cleaned. It comes equipped with an adjustable strap and grab handles for easy carrying. The Kansas Sports Bag is printable and embroidery is possible too. This is the perfect sports bag and can even double as an overnight-bag. 

We supply and deliver these promotional bags door-to-door to any address in South Africa. To order your great corporate gift backpacks and bags in South Africa please email us at
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