Promotional Coffee Mugs


Promotional Coffee Mugs

Promotional Coffee Mugs South Africa- When giving out an item to clients or staff members, it is always best to offer an item that is both useful in a daily context and also a clearly visible marketing item to promote your own brand.

A product that fits the bill perfectly for a small client gift or an office item for staff, a promotional coffee mug is a well branded item that can be used again and again, a consistent reminder of the brand and what it stands for.

The Scoop Mug and Spoon, a colourful branded coffee mug option, is a very popular corporate gift option. A handy set, the matching spoon fits right into the handle of the mug, making it a convenient coffee mug and spoon combo that will never be apart. A wonderful item to have around the office for staff, these mugs can be clearly branded with a logo or design, giving you a complete marketing item for the business place. Whether making clients coffee at meetings or just to be used at staff mugs, these awesome branded mugs are sure to catch the eye of any onlookers.

Another favourite mug option, the Chameleon Colour Changing Mug is a unique product that allows for unique and innovative branding solutions. This awesome mug changes colour depending on the temperature, usually revealing the hidden logo or copy once filled with hot coffee or tea. A mug that also comes with a matching spoon that fits in the handle, these mugs offer a promotional item that clients will remember. A great end of year gift for clients and staff, these brilliant mugs are a gift not soon forgotten.

The Home-Base Mug, a more common mug option for gifting, is a simple branded coffee mug with a silicone base. With a vibrant colour inner and a matching colour base, these mugs offer wonderful staff gifts that display your logo proudly to the world. A great item for around the office for staff use, this is a nice way to show uniformity around the office environment. With ample room for branding and a selection of colours to choose from, this is a promotional coffee mug to keep around the work place.

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