Promotional Desk Gift Ideas

Promotional Desk Gift Ideas- Looking for a great promotional gift for your staff this winter? A cool coffee mug and spoon set is great option that is sure to be very popular with your employees.

Coffee consumption is a big part of any work day, and having a unique mug to drink from makes the experience even better. Giving your employees a cool branded mug will definitely brighten their day, and adding a fun or inspirational printed message is a great way to keep them motivated.

A branded coffee mug makes a great promotional desk gift that will stay on your desk and be used often. Printing a mug with your logo is a sure-fire way to keep your company top of mind.

For clients, this can serve as a constant reminder of your company and if you add your contact details it can even become a business card of sorts.

For your staff, a mug branded with the company logo can become a symbol of pride and help inspire brand loyalty.

Our Top 3 Mugs:

  • Mug and Spoon
  • Ceramic Travel Mug
  • Standard White Mug

These best seller mugs are the most popular options that we have. Our clients order them again and again and are always very happy with the product. 

Two of our more unique mugs are the colour changing mug and the chalk mug. If your are looking for a creative gift, try one of those options.

To get a quote on any of these mugs branded with your logo, please email us now. 

We can print all over mugs, including on the inside, underneath, on the handle and the exterior.
Get your awesome desk gifts now.
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