Promotional Merchandise for Conferences


Promotional Merchandise for Conferences

Brand Innovation is a prestigious promotional merchandise supplier.

A big part of company and corporate time is spent on conferences.

These conferences attract top management and new, potential clients.

These guidelines are just the tip of the iceberg.

Promotional merchandise for conferences, expos, trade shows, open days or leisure events are always a big hit. 

With cost-efficient items you are able to advertise your brand without breaking the bank.

Contact Brand Innovation, tell us your budget and we will help you find the prefect items for your promotional needs.

Distributing promotional items at conferences is great for:

  • networking and meeting new suppliers and customers
  • gaining more brand visibility
  • reaching out to the masses unaware of your brand
  • expanding into other segments of the market

Brand Innovation has some great promotional merchandise for conferences ideas for you:

- Bags are useful
- They give conference-goers more space to carry promo items    in
- They are easily branded
- Bags are the promo items that are mostly spotted first in a    crowd

- Pens are a must while meeting with people and networking
- It is almost certain that notes will have to be taken and    numbers will be exchanged.
- So, your pen will be out and about and seen
- They can be branded with your logo
- You are guaranteed that your pen will be used
- Pens are a cost-effective way of promoting your brand

  • Plastic Folders

- Storage. Storage. Storage.
- Plastic folders are perfect for storing documents received at    conferences
- They are great for keeping your papers organised
- They can be printed with your logos
- Branded, plastic folder can look really professional

- At conferences you want your brand exposed all of the time
- Investing in branded lanyards is an effective way of doing that
- They hang around people’s necks, clipped to identification    cards
- Constantly advertising your brand
- This is optimal, don’t you think?

- This speaks for itself
-  Notebooks are easily branded
- They are cost-effective
- They can be great for office or personal use



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