Promotional Mint Tins


Promotional Mint Tins

Promotional mint tins are a unique and refreshing way to market your business.

Why mint tins?

  • Their small size makes them easy to carry around.
  • It is always convenient to have mints on your person. You never know when you are going to need one. 
  • Mint tins brand beautifully.

We are proud to supply a range of mint tins. Some of our most popular mint tins include the round Clic-Clac tin (CLIC-01), the rectangle mint tin (AB-FRES 100), and the round Refreshmints (SWT-9467). These mint tins are filled with FDA-approved sugar-free peppermint flavoured mints.

All of these containers can be branded with your company logo using a beautiful full colour sticker. The Refreshmints container can alternatively be branded using pad print, where the branding is transferred directly onto the container. Mint tins are super for branding, as they allow your company name and logo to be prominently displayed.

These pocket-sized branded mint tins are convenient to carry around with you. This feature makes it ideal to use as a promotional giveaway. Having your company name or logo branded on a mint tin is also an effective way to market your business. People tend to offer their mints to others when they eat one. This is great for your company’s brand exposure, as many people will be exposed to your brand through mint sharing.

These lovely containers need not be thrown away when the mints are finished. They are perfect for re-using as a storage space for other small items. While marketing tools such as business cards and pamphlets are generally thrown away once they have been read, branded mint tins are more likely to be kept, either as a collectible or as a reusable container. For this reason, you don’t have to worry about your marketing tool (the branded mint tin) being tossed aside and forgotten about. These awesome branded mint tins will help to ensure that your company logo is kept alive.

Who will use promotional mint tins?

  • Because mints are so handy to carry around with you, everybody will appreciate a promotional mint tin.
  • Business people who are constantly interacting with other people, and who probably drink a lot of coffee during the day, will especially appreciate this promotional gift. There is nothing worse than feeling self-conscious when trying to make a business deal. Eating a mint before their meetings can prevent business people from feeling this way.

Please email us at to order your branded promotional mint tins and make a great investmint. After all, how can you have business improvemints and  deveopmints without the mints?



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