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Promotional shopping bags are very popular as giveaways, because clients love them! And what better time to give your clients some shopping bags than before the Holidays.

Imagine all of your clients walking through the busy malls, doing their Christmas shopping with a bag branded with your company logo. This is a great opportunity to market your company and receive mass brand exposure.

We have various different shopping bags styles available for you to choose from. Three of our most popular options are;

  • The Friendly Shopper Bag
  • The Cotton Tote Bag
  • The Eco Jute Tote Bag

All three of these bags can be branded with a lovely, big logo that will be highly visible.

The Friendly Shopper IDEA0055

If you are looking for a large, functional and cost effective shopping bag, the Friendly Shopper is for you. This is a jumbo shopper with a cool front pocket. These bags are available in a large variety of colour and are ideal if you are looking for something that stands out.

The Cotton Tote Bag Amcam62164

The cotton tote is a fashionable and trendy bag with extra long handle to go over your shoulder. These bags are 100% natural cotton and are great for printing with unique and stylish designs. We have printed some beautiful designs on these bags and even used them as our own promotional bags.

The Eco Jute Bags

If you are looking for an eco friendly bag, our jute shoppers are ideal. We have a nice selection of Hessian bags for you to choose from and each of them are environmentally friendly.

Get ready the a holiday shopping spree now, by ordering your promotional shopping bags.
We look forward to being of assistance.

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