Promotional USB Flash Drives


Promotional USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB Flash Drives are a modern way to advertise your business and create brand awareness. Branded flash drives with your company logo can be given to clients or staff as promotional gifts, and whenever they use their new USB, your company name will be present.

USB flash drives are used on an almost daily basis for people who work in an office environment. Whether you are making backups, transferring files or just using it as extra storage, a USB flash drive can go a long way.
That is what makes a promotional USB such an effective marketing tool.

Why clients love receiving USB Flash Drives:

  • It is practical and they can use it
  • It is great for office or personal use
  • It is small and easily portable
  • It is something valuable that they will not throw away

We have various different promotional usb's that are great for advertising your company. The different branding methods used on each of these flash drives provide you with a different way to promote your company.

The three main types of branded usb's would be a printed USB, an engraved USB and a custom made USB. Below are some of our most popular in each of these categories;

Different Types of Promotional USB Flash Drives:

  • Printed Credit Card USB
  • Engraved Swivel USB
  • Custom Logo USB

Printed Card USB

The printed credit card USB gives you a large branding area that can be customized with a full colour digital print. Because of the flat shape, we can brand this memory stick on both sides with an eye catching design that is sure to leave a lasting impression. 

These card usb drives can also double as a business card, by branding all of your contact detail on one side.

Engraved Swivel USB

This is a classic and popular flash drive that you have probably seen before. These USBs are a best seller, because they are cost effective and look great with branding. The Swivel USB has a metal clip that is ideal for engraving. 

An engraved logo looks very professional and it lasts forever.

Custom Logo USB

The custom USB flash drive is a unique way to advertise your business. These flash drives are custom made into any shape that you want. A popular option is to make a USB shaped like the company logo. If you are willing to spend a bit more and wait a little longer, these custom made memory sticks are the perfect way to promote brand awareness.

You certainly won't forget a company logo if your USB flash drive is shaped like it!

We supply a wide variety of great promotional USB flash drives in South Africa. Email us to order one of these great branded flash drives, or browse through our catalogue for more USB options.

We a a website dedicated to our best selling USB flash drives. 



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