Promotional Webcam Covers

Promotional webcam covers are great for your brand in the climate of the digital age we live in, where everything and everyone is accessible with a click. 

Webcam Covers

Webcam covers offer internet privacy and safety from hackers. They are typically internet-connected or computer-connected. Hackers can easily connect directly to your laptop or mobile device camera from anywhere globally. They can even access your built-in webcams through malware. This can be as easy as hackers sending a coded link, email or document which hijacks your device's camera. Granting hackers direct access into your life.
We have the solution to keep those internet lurkers away!

Covering your device's camera will safeguard you from any privacy invasion and keep hackers in the dark. We supply webcam covers that slide open. Which are presented in neat packaging. And can be branded with your logo. They are ideal for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. You can also add a paper insert inside the packaging, telling the story of your business or the importance of webcam covers. 

Webcam Covers with Screen Cleaner

Webcam covers with screen cleaners are handy and nifty. Keep your privacy secure and your screen sparkling clean. Available in a range of fun colours to brighten up your day. They offer a simple and effective solution to keep your privacy in the ever-developing digital world.

Branded Laptop Camera Covers

Branded laptop camera covers keep your clients safe from sneaky eyes and aid in the promotion of your brand. With your logo on the front of a webcam covering, your brand's visibility will increase and ultimately your brand's value will spike.  Almost everyone, any gender, age or race uses a device these days so let your brand be the one to keep them safe and free from hackers. 
Watch our video below for more info on keeping your privacy secure and your brand visible.

Are you interested in keeping your privacy intact and your brand on top?

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