Renewable Energy Gifts Suppliers


Renewable Energy Gifts Suppliers

Renewable energy gifts are a great way to show off the dynamism and tech savviness of your company ethos. Relying only on solar and kinetic energy, renewable energy gifts make for innovative green products. These green promotional products align your brand with eco-friendly ideals - spreading awareness and and making eco-friendly habits easy!

Being without power could be anything from a mild inconvenience to a full blown crisis. But these sustainable energy sources ensure your customer always has charge - in the midst of a suburban power cut or on a hair-raising adventure out in the wilderness. You know the expression about giving a man a fish - a renewable energy gift is a gift that keeps on giving!  

Here are some of the renewable energy gifts supplied by Brand Innovation:

Solar Powered Gifts

Solar powered gifts offer a ton of wonderful eco-friendly products.

Solar Charger Power Bank 5000mAh

This power bank unplugs you from the wall, letting you charge your devices on the move! This is super convenient for those who like to take the road less traveled where there is no electricity, or expect to be on-the-go for long periods. The solar charger is an incredibly useful item for travelers, so it makes a great End of Year gift or a thoughtful corporate gift for frequent flyers. It’s also

Water resistant

Shock resistant

Includes 4 in 1 charging cable

Includes a carabiner

Includes an LED torch

Solar Silicon Lamps

Solar silicon lamps are a durable waterproof light source. Being stranded in the dark whilst camping or during load shedding is an experience noone should have to endure! Solar silicon lamps are collapsable and super portable, complete with a handle.These eco friendly gadgets have different brightness settings, letting you control the ambience. You can also throw them in the pool, or leave them out in the rain, and the solar silicon lamps will keep on shining!

Solar Torch Keyring

These nifty little devices make a great promotional product. Compact and portable, attach this torch to your keys to charge it without ever having to think about it. Ever needed a light source with only a dead phone to help you? Solar torch keyrings ensure you always have a torch on hand. Perfect for a quick hunt through a dark handbag, or checking if you’ve left anything behind in the car, they’re the kind of gift that’s useful on an everyday basis.

Sustainable Gift Ideas

Many sustainable gift ideas are supplied by Brand Innovation! Besides our selection of solar power gifts, we also offer the Spark Kinetic Torch. No batteries are required for this practical little gadget. It relies on the action of pumping the “trigger” to generate the kinetic energy that powers the light. This eco friendly gift, as well as many other sustainable gift ideas can be found on our eco-friendly gifts page.

To chat to one of our account executives about renewable energy gift ideas, please give us a call on 0861 111 954 or send us an email. We look forwards to helping you!



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