Reusable Steel Straws South Africa


Reusable Steel Straws South Africa

Reusable steel straws - our plastic waste is really harmful to the environment: it makes soil less fertile, and harms sea life. It’s non-biodegradable so it sticks around for thousands of years filling our landfills. And those little plastic tubes we drink our cocktails with? Well they’re the last straw!

Plastic straws are designed to be used just once, and they’re not recyclable. Using alternative materials - like reusable steel straws - is the environmentally friendly choice. Now your brand can get involved in encouraging eco-friendly behaviour!

Branded Reusable Straws

Branded reusable straws are an amazing eco friendly gift. They are:

- A lightweight and compact gift

- Cost effective

- Useful on an everyday basis

- Novel

- Eco-friendly

Green promotional products allow your brand to align itself with eco-friendliness and spread awareness. These compact and portable swag products make it easy for your customers to pick up eco-friendly habits. As awareness is growing about the effects of plastic straws, this is a great contemporary, on-trend product in the eco-friendly gifting world.

Branded reusable straws are also a long term branding option, because they’re by definition designed to be reused! Metal straws and reusable steel straws also have a laser engraving branding option - the branding method that increases the perceived value of your product the most.

Stainless Steel Straws South Africa

We supply stainless steel straws in South Africa! Our Rainbow Effect Steel Eco Straws are a bright, and colourful reusable straw choice. Their shimmering effect makes them a delightful addition to any drink - helping you literally outshine your competition! They’re available as a set which includes:

- 2 steel straws

- a cleaning brush

- bag for easy portability

Laser engraving is available on the straws, and heat press on the bags. This is a great branding opportunity for a fun, trendy, eco-friendly corporate gift. For more green promotional products take a look at Brand Innovation’s eco-friendly gifts page. To order your stainless steel straws in South Africa, please contact us on 0861 111 954 or email us - we look forward to helping you!



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