Sewing kit


Sewing kit

Our stunning sewing kit Amcam78950, measuring 8.5cm x 6 x 2cm is available in a variety of beautiful colors. A sewing kit is a lovely promotional item and can and will be used by both men and women when they are travelling or even at home.
If you are not a big sewer, you only need a small travel size sewing kit at home too. Our sewing kits are available in a variety of stunning colors, namely orange, pink, purple and lime. How cool!
These sewing kits are also perfect for university students and business men and women. So order your sewing kits today!

Sewing kits make great marketing gifts for the hospitality industry and travel industries. They make unique and memorable promotional gifts that your clients can use. We brand these mini sewing kits with your company logo. Giving someone a useful gift is a great idea, because they will keep it and think of you everytime they use the item.
A sewing kit is the perfect item for business people! If you lose a button on your shirt or blazer, you can just quickly use your travel sewing kit to fix that.
It is also a great gift for families with children, who often lose buttons or tear clothing when playing.
This is an all over great promotional gift idea.



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