Slazenger is a brand that is a world famous sporting gear manufacturer, focusing predominantly on racket sports such as tennis, cricket and hockey.

Why choose Slazenger?

  • It is one of the oldest surviving sporting gear manufacturers
  • It is synonymous with exceptional quality
  • It is trusted by world renowned sportspeople.

The brand was founded in 1881 by brothers Ralph and Albert Slazenger.

It started up as a small, humble family business, but soon grew to become an internationally recognised brand.

The father of Ralph and Albert is said to have been blessed with the gift of picking out superb agents to represent Slazenger around the world.

Because of these great agents representing Slazenger, people were under the impression that the company was a very large corporation.

This played to their advantage, and allowed the brand to increase in size and prominence.

Today, Slazenger is one of the world’s leading sporting gear manufacturers.

The brand is an official sponsor of Wimbledon, and has been since 1902.

This is an incredible accomplishment that many sporting manufacturers stand in awe of.

Slazenger has also signed a great number of famous sports people, including South African international cricketer Jacques Kallis, British tennis player Jamie Murray, and British field hockey player Iain Mackay.

As one of the oldest surviving sporting gear manufacturers in the world, Slazenger is synonymous with timeless, excellent quality, and have proven that they are here to stay.

Brand Innovation is extremely proud to be a distributor of Slazenger products.

One of our best-selling Slazenger products are the Slazenger jackets.

We also offer branding on your purchased products.

Having your company name or logo branded onto these products makes for an ideal corporate gift.

Everybody loves receiving personalised gifts, and your clients and colleagues will feel honoured to own something that is manufactured by the legendary Slazenger brand.

Furthermore, the exposure that your company will receive through this branding is a fantastic marketing tool for any business.

Having your business name branded on a Slazenger product will show others that your company appreciates great quality.

Potential clients may even associate your company with this celebrated brand.

Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of Slazenger products in Cape Town and Johannesburg, and throughout South Africa. Please take some time to browse through our Slazenger catalogue.

We take great care of our customers and their products.

We deliver to your door, anywhere in South Africa. 

Slazenger is a prestigious brand, made with superb quality materials, offers long lasting branding and will last for many years. 

Add value to your brand with a Slazenger product! 

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