Slazenger Clothing


Slazenger Clothing

Slazenger clothing is a famous brand, known for making high quality sports wear and apparel. Brand Innovation is a premier supplier of Slazenger clothing in South Africa.

This range of clothing is designed to be both fashionable and functional and is perfect as corporate clothing. Slazenger is major sporting equipment brand, especially well known for their contribution to the world of tennis and cricket. All Slazenger clothing is made to reflect the impressive performance of their sports equipment. 

We supply a wide range of corporate clothing from Slazenger;

  • golf shirts
  • winter jackets
  • body warmers
  • fleece sweaters
  • caps
Having your employees wear a staff uniform is a great way to create brand awareness and inspire teamwork. With Slazenger clothing you can be sure that you have the best quality clothing.

Brand Innovation supplies branded clothing to businesses throughout South Africa and other African countries. We can brand your logo on all of these great Slazenger clothes. We recommend embroidery on all jackets, gold shirts and sweaters, but we are also able to do a print on some of the jacket options.

Here are our top sellers in the Slazenger Corporate Clothing Range:

  • Cotton Golf Shirt (SLAZ-803 & SLAZ-804)
  • Catalyst Softshell Jacket (SLAZ-816 & SLAZ-817)
  • Reversible Body Warmer (SLAZ-813)
  • Smash Hoodie (SLAZ-1005 & SLAZ-3217)
  • Trainer Jacket (SLAZ-1003)
Slazenger is a top brand choice, that clients keep ordering.

To order your branded clothes, email us at or give us a call at 0861 111 954. We supply the clothing, do all the branding and deliver straight to your door, throughout South Africa. Buying promotional clothing has never been so easy! Order now.

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